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Stretch Your Brain with Scrambled Words Challenge

Tweet Scrambled Words Adventure Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Scrambled Words Adventure brings you word puzzles that lead you through a fun collection of challenging levels. Offered for free with optional in-app purchases, Scrambled Words Adventure challenges you to think outside of the box to advance through the app. Features: Scrambled Words […]


Krostik Kraze Will Test Your Puzzle-Solving Skills

Tweet Krostik Kraze Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Krostik Kraze is a cool new game that’s sure to satisfy all your acrostic cravings. Combining trivia and cleverly designed acrostics, this app is definitely full of fun challenges. Features: Krostik Kraze, by JEL Mobile Apps LLC, is primarily an app geared towards acrostic […]


Have a Blast While Bolstering Your Vocabulary Playing Tangled Roots

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Tangled Roots iPhone Game Review by Tangled Roots, from EnergyDams, is an absolute blast! If you’re looking for a Pac Man spin off or a Giving Tree read-along, then you’re barking up the wrong tree. However, if you want to have a blast guessing at American English Words in hopes […]


Divine Words: It’s Scrabble with a Dash of Random

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Divine Words iPhone App Review by If you’ve been with us long here at the iPhone App Review, then you’re likely aware of the fact that we just adore any application that has us stringing together letters into words, words into phrases. We’ve been avid Scrabble players since time immemorial, […]


King of Words Might Knock Words With Friends off the Throne

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: King of Words iPad Game Review by If there’s one thing we can all agree on as App Store customers, it’s that there are plenty of word games available. The problem is that most of them are new twists on old classics. What we need is a game that will […]


Challenge Your Friends’ Senses with Word Sense-ation

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Word Sense-ation: Written iPhone App Review Word Sense-ation is a social word-guessing game developed by Golden Child. Sold for $0.99, Word Sense-ation is definitely the most fun if other friends among your social media circles also play; however, random opponents can be requested if no one among your friends also plays […]

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