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nPlayer: Mild-Mannered Video Player (Secretly a Superhero)

Tweet nPlayer Price: $8.99 Rating: iPhone App Review by Almost since the iPhone first came out, one of the platform’s weakest points is actually its video support. Apple has always been known for being opinionated, and nowhere is this more apparent than with video. With lots of lockdowns on file formats, playback rates, and […]


Airelive for iPhone Offers Video Chatting and Much, Much More

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Airelive, The Video Communication Platform iPhone App Review by If you’re looking for a very easy way to communicate with friend and family using your iPhone, Airelive is an app you definitely have to check out. Developed by Aire Incorporation, this amazing social networking tool combines tons of different elements […]


Synclify for iPhone Features Social Video Sharing, Playlists, and More

Tweet Price: Free Synclify iPhone News Article by Synclify debuted on the App Store in July of 2014 with the goal of being the go-to app for browsing popular video sites like YouTube, as well as sharing videos with friends via Facebook. This free app for iPhone aims to revolutionize the video browsing experience […]


FormattVideo Offers over 100 Live Filters and Other Effects

Tweet Price: $2.99 Rating: FormattVideo iPhone App Review by FormattVideo allows users to apply special filters to video before recording. Developed by Tenbelowzero, Inc., this app is a great way to add an artistic flare to your videos. Concept and Functionality: Nowadays it seems like photos always get special treatment when it comes to cool […]


Snapmate Lets You Instantly Share Photos with Friends Nearby

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Snapmate – Wireless Photo Sharing Camera iPhone App Review by Snapmate is a very cool and innovative way to share photos and videos with people nearby. Developed by HeavensSquare, this free iPhone app is perfect for travelers and casual photographers alike. Concept and Funcionality: The first thing I noticed about […]


Use One Color Pro for Cool Photo and Video Effects!

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: One Color Pro iPhone App Review by One Color Pro, a photo and video app by ARIOS, allows users to easily take photos or videos featuring one prominent color. Unlike other such apps where this “color feature” effect must be applied during a post-editing process, One Color Pro lets users […]

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