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Balance the Ball Is a Challenge, but Totally Worth a Try

Tweet A Balance The Ball Game Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by   Balance the Ball is an exciting and challenging combination of skill and patience. Developed by Joseph Burton, this free iPhone game is tough to put down. You’ll need to survive three stages without falling off the ledge or hitting various […]


Legend of Abhimanyu Is a Visually Stunning RPG for iPhone

Tweet LoA – Legend of AbhiManYu Price: $4.99 Rating: iPhone App Review by iPhone games can be as simple as pick up and play puzzle games or as deep and complex as a fun RPG. No matter what your preferences, there are plenty of games to try. Sometimes you may even surprise yourself! Legend of […]


Be Master of the Universe with Lonely Sun

Tweet LONELY SUN – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand Price: $2.79 Rating: iPhone Game Review by Lonely Sun is an exciting and innovative game that challenges players to be the “guiding hand of gravity” and bring together an entire solar system. Sold for under $3 from the iTunes Store, this game has a fascinatingly unique storyline. Features: Lonely […]


Think Quick and Act Fast in Caldera

Tweet Caldera Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Caldera is a simple yet challenging game that is easy to pick up, difficult to master, and impossible to put down. Requiring rapid hand-eye coordination, this app will keep you challenged to think quickly. Features: With bright colors and easy controls, Caldera, from Hellstorm Studios, […]


Top 10 New iOS Games from May 2015

Tweet Top 10 New iOS Games from May 2015 Written by Sarah Hanlon The month of May has come and gone, but it brought us plenty of awesome iPhone and iPad games. From challenging puzzles to immersive worlds to explore and difficult strategy games that will test your skills, this list of the Top 10 […]


Soar to Impossible Heights With Helidroid

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Helicopter iPhone App Review by We’ve all had dreams of flying. There’s something fascinating about reaching impossible heights, and soaring through the sky. Helidroid 3D, from MH Production, is a terrific game that lets you get as high as you want without leaving your living […]

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