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Pro.Calendar Helps You Keep Everything under Control

Tweet Price: $3.99 Rating: Pro.Calendar: Smart Agenda, Day, Week, Month and Year Views, Complete with Six Topics iPad App Review by We’ve reviewed quite a few agenda apps here at The iPhone App Review, most have good intentions but poor execution. What I mean by this is many apps try to do too much and pack […]


Take Control of Your Schedule with Ultimate Next – All in One Calendar

Tweet Price: $1.99 (regular price is $4.99) Rating: Ultimate Next – All in One Calendar iPhone App Review by   Ultimate Next is quickly becoming a rising star in the App Store. Developed by InhoLee, this feature-rich app for iPhone and iPad is sure to have something for the person who wants a bit of […]


SmartTM Is an Evernote Power User’s Dream Come True

Tweet Price: Free (Requires Subscription) Rating: SmartTM iPhone App Review by As an Evernote user myself, I tend to use the service primarily for keeping track of important information that I can’t afford to lose. This includes work info, phone numbers, and to-do lists. More often than not, I sometimes forget about notes I’ve […]


Pocket Lists: Much Ado About a To-Do

TweetPrice: $2.99 Pocket Lists: iPhone App Written Review Here at the iPhone App Review we’ve seen more than our fair share of to-do lists. There’s just something about the genre that tends to draw the developers out of the woods, and though we certainly like being productive as much as the next guy, we often […]


PicList To Do Manager: Where Darn Near Anything Can Be Your Shopping List

TweetPrice: $2.99 PicList To Do Manager: iPhone App Video Review We wouldn’t dare lie to you: We’ve seen more than our fair share of to do managers in the App Store. Like Angry Birds style physics puzzlers, it’s just something that’s a bit over done. That being said, it makes the rare, genuinely inventive find […]


Get Your Life Organized and on Task With LifeTopix

Tweet Price  $3.99  — Score: 9/10 LifeTopix is an incredible “Life Organization” application from LightArrow, Inc. This app gives users a complete solution to managing their tasks, finances, health, information, and more.  The developers have thought of everything that you might need to keep your entire life organized, on time, and on task. Features 9/10 […]

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