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Master the Spanish Language with Verb Champion: Spanish

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Verb Champion—Spanish: Written iPhone App Review Verb Champion: Spanish by Tristan Reitz is an app designed to give users an interactive means of mastering verbs with their various conjugations in the Spanish language. Verb Champion: Spanish can be customized to fit a user’s personal language skills, and this app is currently available […]


Jam Some Spanish Language on Your iPhone

TweetPrice: $9.99     Score: 10/10     By M. Schusterman If you’ve ever had a song stuck in your head, the chorus on an endless loop in your mind, then you understand the power music has when it comes to memorization. Why not harness a bit of that power to help you learn something […]


Tackle Verb Conjugations with Spanish Touch Trainer

TweetPrice: $1.99     Score: 10/10     By M. Schusterman Verb conjugations – the scourge of language learning, particularly when we’re talking about the latin languages. While there are an overwhelming number of language apps out there, most go for the broad, general “Hello, how are you” sorts of phrases you might need when […]


Everyday Spanish Makes Travel, Conversing Easy for Non-Natives

TweetPrice: $.99     Score: 8/10     By A. Papachristos To travel the world is one of the greatest luxuries a person could ever enjoy.  But when you finally get the chance to venture out, the impending language barrier is the last thing you want standing in between you and the fun journey ahead.  […]


Learn Spanish on Your iPhone With iStart Spanish!

TweetPrice: $2.99    Score: 9/10    By M. Schusterman Of all the types of iPhone apps I believe can change the way we learn, language learning apps are my favorite. As a former ESL teacher and a student of the Portuguese language, I know that no matter what lessons or classes you’re taking, if you really want […]


Foodictionary: Tongue and Lengua at the Tip of Your Finger

TweetPrice: $4.99  Score 8/10  By Jose Ralat Maldonado I thought I wouldn’t need to brush up on my food Spanish before honeymooning in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and a carnivore’s rumpus room. I was wrong. I was so, so wrong. (And I’m a native speaker!) Had either the iPhone or iPad Touch been […]

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