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Be Master of the Universe with Lonely Sun

Tweet LONELY SUN – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand Price: $2.79 Rating: iPhone Game Review by Lonely Sun is an exciting and innovative game that challenges players to be the “guiding hand of gravity” and bring together an entire solar system. Sold for under $3 from the iTunes Store, this game has a fascinatingly unique storyline. Features: Lonely […]


Planet Surfer is a Wild Surfing Ride

Tweet Planet Surfer Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Planet Surfer is a fun new fast-paced puzzle adventure game. Available for the Android and iOS smart phone users alike, this is a simple game and can be very addictive. The developers have taken the necessary measures to make gameplay look and feel interesting. […]


Take a Chance on a Fun New Game: Zero Chance

Tweet Zero Chance – Space Arcade Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Zero Chance is a fun new iOS space arcade game that you should definitely check out. Although it doesn’t break any new ground in gaming, it is still a fun and entertaining arcade game that we think you’ll enjoy playing. Features: It is one of […]


Starific Takes You On Quite a Ride

Tweet Starific – Endless Arcade Reactor Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by We love games that are created with a simple idea, and that is to make the action packed gameplay into a simple, unique form. Starific blends Space Invaders and Pong into a challenging and entertaining game, while offering a wide range […]


Beat da Beat Combines Galaga-Like Gameplay with Awesome Music

Tweet Beat da Beat Price: $0.99 Rating: iPhone Game Review by Realistic graphics are great for games, but sometimes it’s fun to pay a visit to the old school way of gaming. This is one of the reasons why retro games are my favorite to try. Beat da Beat is an exciting new action […]


Chuck B Blast for iOS Is a Fun and Challenging Space-Based Arcade Game

Tweet Price: $0.99 Rating: Chuck B Blast iPhone Game Review by As someone who grew up on two-dimensional video games, I always get a bit nostalgic when I see modern developers pay a tribute to old-school gaming by re-creating the same kind of environment. Chuck B Blast is a new game for iPhone and iPad which pays […]

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