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Spread Christmas Cheer with VoiceMe Christmas Carol

Tweet VoiceMe Christmas Carol Price: $0.99 Rating: iPhone App Review by VoiceMe Christmas Carol is the latest in the “VoiceMe” series from Trade Technology, LLC. VoiceMe Christmas Carol is fun, easy-to-use and there’s no better way to spread Christmas cheer this year. Features: The features of this app are really summed up in its name. Specifically, […]


Learn Something New Every Day with Pindolo

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Pindolo: Written iPhone App Review One of the bad things about apps is that they tend not to change unless there’s an update. Sometimes apps become boring and stale, collecting digital dust on our devices and eventually getting deleted. What about an app that changes with each new day and brings […]


Quickly and Easily Create Custom Ringtones with MP3 Chopper

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: MP3 Chopper: Written iPhone App Review Remember when cell phones had ringtones that sounded like they were from an 8-bit video game? I sure do, and I’m glad technology has advanced in such a way that we can actually customize our phone’s ringtone. However, sometimes creating a custom ringtone can be complicated […]