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Mega Blaster Lite Is A Bite-Sized Shooting Gem

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Mega Blaster Lite iPhone App Review by Free Promo Codes for Full Version! (See below for free promo codes) If you loved games like Pac-Man and Snood, you may just have another game to add to the rotation. Mega Blaster Lite, from Nathan Reimnitz, is a wonderful little cannon-shooter, which […]


If You Love Atari, You’ll Love New-age Title Waypoint Commander

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Waypoint Commander iPhone Game Review by Some of you die-hard gamers out there might just remember Atari. Do you recall hundreds of games of eight-bit goodness that would keep you entertained for hours? Well, if you do, you’ll love the new-age title, Waypoint Commander, from Broken Bone Games. This game […]


ASCII Shooter: a Challenging Old-School Game for iPhone and iPad

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: ASCII Shooter: Video and Written iPad Game Review When you think of great iPad games, normally stunning graphics and immense plots come to mind. What about games that tip their hat to the oldies but goodies? You know, those games that had us glued to old NES controllers and rocking out […]


Fend off Nasty Viral Baddies in Jack Invaders

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Jack Invaders: Written & Video iPhone Game Review To me, arcade shooters are classics that everyone loves. In essence, they’re timeless. It’s always fun to play a new game that feels like something we’ve enjoyed for years and years. What’s even better is playing old-school games on new devices like our high tech iPhone! Jack […]


Iron Run: a Futuristic Endless Running Game for iPhone

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Iron Run: Written iPhone Game Review Ah, the endless running genre. The gaming world’s answer to the question “How far can you go?” From mythical robotic creatures to frightening temples, these games seek to test your reflexes, patience, and endurance. Iron Run, developed by D2C Inc., is a brand-new endless running […]


TheLastWarE3: Blasting Action at its Finest

TweetPrice: $0.99 TheLastWarE3: Written and Video iPad App Review The fact that we’ve been seeing so many arcade games is hardly a downside here at the iPhone App Review. In fact, we could’t be more tickled pink about it. As such, we’re quite pleased to introduce you today to a new, blast-em-to-get-past-em title called TheLastWarE3 […]

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