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Grab Prot-On For Secure and Controlled File Sharing

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Prot-On iPhone App Review by Prot-On is a very well designed app giving you an easy way to share files quickly and securely. Available for free through the iTunes Store, Prot-On, an app by Proteccion On-Line, allows users to stay in control of the files they share even after they […]


Snapmate Lets You Instantly Share Photos with Friends Nearby

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Snapmate – Wireless Photo Sharing Camera iPhone App Review by Snapmate is a very cool and innovative way to share photos and videos with people nearby. Developed by HeavensSquare, this free iPhone app is perfect for travelers and casual photographers alike. Concept and Funcionality: The first thing I noticed about […]


Create the Perfect Moment with Momentage

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Momentage iPhone App Review by Though smaller social networks certainly aren’t uncommon, developers are tapping into their inner creativity and changing the way you share your experiences with the rest of the world. Momentage is no exception, but to say that it does a fantastic job would be an understatement. […]


Mylifepaper: The Newest Social-Networking App

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Mylivepaper: Written iPhone App Review Mylifepaper is an application available from Malgorzata Jurczyk. The point of Mylifepaper is to help you gather the best moments of your day and put them into your own mobile newspaper. With this app, it’s a breeze to publish your paper and let your friends see […]


Pashadelic: a Cool Scenic Photo Sharing App with a Twist

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Pashadelic: Written iPhone App Review I absolutely love taking photos with my iPhone because it’s something I always have with me. What’s better than taking an awesome photo you otherwise would’ve missed? Sharing it with the rest of the world, of course! Pashadelic is a cool new app and website that focuses […]

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