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Top 10 iOS Apps for Runners

Tweet Top 10 iOS Apps for Runners Written by Jim Desposito Lots of people think about running, and some of those people actually do it. It’s not easy and, unfortunately, thinking about it doesn’t burn many calories or improve your muscle tone. To really reap the benefits of running, and there are many, you […]


Be the Hero in Free Me – Running Game

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Free Me – Running Game iPhone Game Review by Free Me – Running Game, from Qasim Ahmad, is a fun new fast-paced action-packed running game. In it users must successfully navigate through its levels, all while collecting keys to free in-app characters. Features: Just like its name suggests, Free Me […]


Vampire Run: Sucking Blood While on the Run

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Vampire Run: Written iPhone App Review It seems to us that there’s a genre of iPhone gaming that’s been lacking in new entries as of late. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about that all important and most coveted field of the endless runner. You know the type: Lots of jumping […]


Vector HD: Run Like Hell on the iPad

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: Vector HD: Written and Video iPad App Review We’re always in the mood for a new, inventive and otherwise spectacular action arcade game for the iPad. This is why we approached Vector HD by developer Nekki with such enthusiasm. The app offers up a Mirror’s Edge style of gameplay that unleashes […]


Marx Runner Helps to Motivate You with Music

TweetPrice: $0.99 Rating: Marx Runner: Written iPhone App Review iPhones and exercise seem to go hand-in-hand nowadays, and there’s no shortage of apps which seek to incorporate your device into your workout routine. Whether it’s mapping your distance and speed or keeping track of push-up reps, almost all of these apps have something in common; […]


Nike+ GPS App For iPhone Keeps Track Of Every Run

TweetLove to run? Using a combination of GPS and accelerometer technology in the iPhone, the Nike+ GPS app ($1.99) enables you to track your runs like never before. The Nike+ GPS app is a stand-alone system (no sensors required) and allows you to: Track all indoor and outdoor workouts Record the speed, distance and route […]

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