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Sharematic Let’s You Easily Share Photos from Events

Tweet Sharematic Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Sharing photos with family, friends, and frequently the world at large, is an obsession of many people using social media. When you’re at an event, however, and there are lots of photos over a period of time it can a huge hassle keeping up with […]


dripthat for iPhone Offers a Fun New Way to Share Photos and Videos

Tweet Price: Free Rating: dripthat iPhone App Review by Sharing important moments and events via social media is fun, but it’s difficult to do so in moderation. Plus, you can’t always control who can see what you’re sharing or when you share it. dripthat is an innovative new iPhone app that gives users a […]


Press Release: Rekwest Pioneers the World’s First Two-Way Social Media Powered by Asking

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 7, 2014 – Indianapolis, IN – Rekwest, the new social networking app by StorySafe Digital, utilizes patent pending request technology to leverage “The Power of Asking”. It provides an innovative new way to easily request photos and messages from a close niche of friends and family. Rekwest is powered by […]


Use Spheres to Quickly Share Photos

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Spheres iPhone App Review by Spheres is an app by PocketSpheres that will make sharing photos with friends and family easier than ever before. Easy to use and simple to understand, this app should be a hit with anyone looking for an easy way to regularly share iOS photos. Features: […]

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