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Apps For Moms: Your Very Own Aisle in the App Store

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Apps For Moms: iPhone Video App Review Let’s hear it for the moms. You know the type, the ones who work 40+ hours a week, manage to keep their kids from killing each other and still make it out for girls’ night. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a super […]


Plan to Keep Your Family Secure with Safe & Sound

TweetPrice: $.99 Rating: Safe & Sound: iPhone App Video Review No one wants to think about losing a child. But the harsh reality is that if you lose track of your little one you must be prepared to act fast. The police need as much information as you can provide and a current photograph. Now […]


You’ll All Sleep Better With HushBaby

TweetPrice: $1.99 Rating: HushBaby: iPhone App Written Review Sleep is one hot commodity, especially for new parents. Now there’s a way to help your little one stay asleep so you can collect some precious Z’s, or just a few moments of peace and quiet, for yourself with the HushBaby iPhone app from Uri Kadushin. Features: […]


Best Baby Monitor Update Brings New Features, Amazing Results

TweetPrice: $4.99 Rating: Best Baby Monitor: iPhone App Video Review A few months ago we had the pleasure of reviewing a stellar parenting app from Martin Man called Best Baby Monitor. A recent update to this digital baby monitoring system brought a whole slew of new features, including an awesome option to connect two devices […]


Baby Activity Journal: The Mobile Baby Book for iPhone

TweetPrice: $2.99 Rating: The Baby Activity Journal iPhone app from Amazes More LLC is perfect for parents looking for a convenient way to keep track of your baby’s schedules, milestones, history and more. Interested in capturing every moment for posterity, or having trouble deciding where to keep track of your baby’s numerous schedules? Pay attention […]


Can an App Make Your Baby Smarter? Baby Symbolizer for iPhone Says Yes

TweetPrice: $.99 Rating: Baby Symbolizer iPhone App Video Review We want the best for our children. That includes caring for and educating them with the greatest care. Now developing those mental muscles can start from day one with the Baby Symbolizer iPhone app from developer iPercepToolz, Inc. Whether you’re looking for an app to sooth a fussy […]

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