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Challenge Your Math Skills with 102030

Tweet 102030 Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by 102030 is not just “original and addictive” but it also features a simple concept and helps your math skills too. Features: As suggested by its name, 102030, by Li Yinjian, is definitely a fresh idea in the app store and is a game where numbers matter. Specifically, […]


Math is Fun, and Social, with Funb3rs

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Funb3rs iPhone App Review by Funb3rs is a fun new numbers game from Mixel S.C.A.R.L. with a cool social twist. Similar in concept to several other summation-based games on the iOS market today, this app allows players to challenge their friends, adding a new dimension to these numbers challenges. Features: […]


Train Your Brain with Accumulator for iOS

Tweet Price: Free accumulator iPhone App News by Accumulator is a new fast-paced iOS game that keep players on their toes while training their brains by building math and memory skills. This innovative game that everyone can benefit from was developed by Yuji Yagi. The goal in accumulator is to quickly solve a string […]


Break Blocks to Beat the Clock in MathTower

TweetPrice: $1.99 (On Sale for $0.99) Rating: MathTower iPad Game Review by (Promo Code Giveaway! See Below for Free Promo Codes) If you’ve read my previous reviews, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of math apps and games. Even though I’m not a math pro, I still like to play math games every now […]


Omachi: A Puzzler to Bend Your Brain Over

TweetPrice: Free Omachi: iPhone App Written Review Here at the iPhone App Review, it’s really no secret: We’re pretty crazy about puzzle games. There’s just something about an app that’s willing to bend our brain a bit, or make us think for longer than a train commute. However, we do have our limits, and if […]


EvoCortex: Leave Your Dunce Caps at the Door

TweetPrice: Free EvoCortex: iPhone App Video Review Are you a fan of iOS puzzlers? Do you spend all your time busting your brain over the latest puzzling app for the platform, desperately arranging levels, memorizing numbers, and racking your noodle for that long-lost bit of trivia information? If so, do we ever have an app […]

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