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UrbanDenoiser: Making Sense of a Loud World

Tweet Price: Free Rating: UrbanDenoiser Player iPhone App Review by If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time in coffee shops. Whether for work or just to get out and relax a bit, it seems like we’re constantly sitting in front of a wooden table while a pack of hipsters talks about […]


AstoundSound Music Player: Bringing Your Music Level Up to 11

Tweet Price: Free Rating: AstoundSound Music Player – 3D Spatial Audio Enhancer for Headphones, Speakers, and Cars iPhone App Review by We’ve mentioned this on the site before, but between the lot of us, there’s a lot of musical experience around the office. Whether it’s audio engineering or performing live, we’ve done just about […]


Create Your Life’s Soundtrack with HummingWay

Tweet Price: Free Rating: HummingWay – Geo-location music player iPhone App Review by HummingWay–Geo– Location Music Player is an app by Mujuryoku Inc. that will help iOS users create location-specific music playlists for their lives. Available for free through the iTunes Store, HummingWay lets you set the soundtrack to your life. Features: HummingWay is […]


Listen to Songs on YouTube with Play ‘Em for iPhone

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Play ’em – Audio player for Youtube iPhone App Review by Sometimes YouTube is the best way to listen to that one song that’s been stuck in your head for the last week. However, tracking down the song and waiting to load the video can be tough, especially if you’re […]


Ecoute: The New Music App

Tweet  Price: $2.99 Rating: Ecoute: Written iPhone App Review Ecoute is an application available from PixiApps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The usefulness of Ecoute is that it is the ultimate way to play your music from your iPhone or iPod Touch. The application is basically an alternative player for your music. Ecoute is […]


Vela Player: Look, Maw, No Hands!

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Vela Player: Written iPhone App Review Here at the iPhone App Review, we’re pretty much constantly listening to music. We do it while we’re writing, we do it while we’re setting up new posts, we even do it when we’re closing up for the day and just want to relax a […]

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