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Protect Your Hearing With TSC Music

Tweet TSC Music Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Are you ever concerned if all that music you are listening to from your device is impacting your hearing over time? The issue of long-term exposure to loud music damaging your hearing is well known but too many still don’t bother to do anything about […]


Mosster Releases Four New Music Apps for Children

Tweet Price: Varies Mosster Music Apps for Children iPhone App News by Attention, parents! There’s a brand-new suite of apps available on the App Store for your youngster to enjoy. Mosster, the developers behind PanPaTan, PanPaShake, Tachin Tachan, and Tachin Mini, released all four apps on July 28. The first app in the suite, […]


Rock Out! with Kasey’s Guitar Jams for Kids

TweetPrice: $1.99 Rating: Kasey’s Guitar Jams for Kids: iPhone Written App Review Do your kids love to rock? Then you simply must check out the new Kasey’s Guitar Jams for Kids universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This app contains 17 original tracks, instructions designed to get your kids strumming and jamming along […]


ZiggyVid: Make Your Media Sing

TweetPrice: $.99 Rating: ZiggyVid: iPhone Written App Review If you’ve ever wished for an easy way to combine videos, photos and music, your search is over. The new ZiggyVid iPhone app from SpinIsland is an amazing tool that can turn your media into the stuff of legends. Wanna know how it works? Lucky for you […]


This is How We Play It

TweetPrice: $.99 Rating: Play It: iPhone Written App Review Looking for a new way to enjoy your tunes? Look no further than Play It, this gesture-friendly music playing app from Jeroen van Rijn plays with a tap and sports some sweet customization options we really dig. So before you bust a jam, tune in to […]

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