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Unbreak Your Heart: A Quick Guide to Healing on the iPhone

TweetPrice: $3.99 Unbreak Your Heart: iPhone App Video and Written Reviews If you’re like most people (and we’re willing to be that you are) you’ve had your heart broken at some point during your life—if you’re like us, probably quite a bit more than just every now and again. As such, you understand the deep, […]


Enhance Your Well-Being with Meditations of Awakening Complete set of 4 Guided Meditations

Tweet Price: $9.99 Rating: Meditations of Awakening Complete, set of 4 Guided Meditations iPhone Video App Review   Meditations of Awakening Complete, set of 4 Guided Meditations is a lovely collection of four guided meditations from developer and meditation teacher Ahnalira. Let each of these meditations guide you into a deeper sense of self with […]


Astral Traveler – Now Your iPhone Can Transport Your Mind to Tranquil Places

Tweet   Price: $1.99 Rating: Typically, an iPhone is used for business or leisure.  Yet, what if that same little screen can provide serenity and relaxation at any point during your stressful day?  After reviewing Astral Traveler, I discovered how ambient music and dreamy imagery can make for an exceptionally peaceful experience in the crazy […]