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Max’s Mole Mash: Never Ending, Kid-Friendly Fun

TweetPrice: $1.99 Rating: Max’s Mole Mash: iPhone Video App Review If you’re a parent, odds are you remember playing a mole mashing game at an arcade. Now it’s easy to reclaim that mole-whacking nostalgia and put an awesome game in your kid’s hands with Max’s Mole Mash. This Max & Ruby game from Watch More […]


Ski Solitaire: A Slippery Twist on Traditional Solitaire

TweetPrice: $2.99 Rating: Ski Solitaire: iPad Written App Review Whether you love solitaire or are just looking for a way to deck your iPad out with winter themed apps, the Ski Solitaire app from Greenfly Studios is a perfect fit. This app takes the ultimate classic card game and turns it into something really special, […]


Minkaboos: the Kid-Friendly Talking iPhone App

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: There’s a reason talking iPhone apps have been so popular the past few years. Hearing your words mimicked back in fun voices is instantly gratifying and amusing. Unfortunately not every talking iPhone app is appropriate for users of all ages. That’s why finding BumbleCat Games’ recently released kid-friendly talking iPhone app […]