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Think Fast with Center Swipe

Tweet Center Swipe Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Center Swipe is a marvelous game that challenges your fast-thinking skills. Free through the iTunes Store, Center Swipe by NRC Systems is a simple and addictive game. Features: In a world where “swiping right/left” has become the norm of actions within apps, Center Swipe […]


Pegs ‘N Holes is a Must-Have Pick Up and Play Game for iOS

Tweet Pegs ‘n Holes Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by   As time goes on, games seem to become more and more technical and complex. There’s nothing better than being able to pick up a game and kill some time, which is exactly what Pegs ‘n Holes is all about. Pegs ‘n Holes, […]


Download Free Apps and Earn Rewards with

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Written Website Review For this review, we’re going to deviate from what you usually see here on The iPhone App Review. Instead of checking out the latest and greatest apps, we’re going to take a look at, a new and promising website dedicated to rewarding you for discovering new […]


Terrables is an Original and Fast-Paced Arcade Shooter

Tweet Price: $0.99   —  Score: 9/10 Terrables from Nexgen Studio is a new fastest-finger-shooter for iPhone – a quirky shooter that is sure to test your reflexes. In each level of Terrables, waves of enemies including rabid pink rabbits, evil purple trees, and other dastardly fiends run towards you from afar. Using a range […]


Explore Our World With Fotopedia Heritage

TweetPrice: Free  —  Score: 10/10 Fotopedia Heritage is an amazing new free app from Fotonauts Inc, which was developed in cooperation with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The app features some 25,000 photos from around the world, complete with comprehensive descriptions which all translates to one of the best travel guides you’re ever likely to […]


Find the Wonderful Wizard of Oz on Your iPhone

TweetPrice: $1.99    Score: 9/10    By M. Schusterman I love checking out a storybook app for the first time, simply because there’s so much potential. The animation, the sound, the educational component, the special effects – apps really can change this medium, hopefully in a positive way. Oz Wizard, an app designed by BlueFinger, introduces […]

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