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Yoga for Weight Loss: Burn Those Calories While Finding Inner Peace

Tweet  Price: $2.99 Rating: Yoga for Weight Loss: Written iPad App Review We’ve always had a real soft spot in our hearts for Yoga. Maybe it’s the couple of years we spent dabbling in Buddhism, but we’ve always liked the idea of stretching and moving our way to a stronger inner peace. Now, thanks to […]


In Flow: The Scientific Pursuit of Happiness

TweetPrice: Free In Flow: Written iPhone App Review Here at the iPhone App Review we’re always going on and on about the endless benefits of iOS as a platform. Yes, we’re always feeling a bit too pleased with ourselves because we bring you apps that improve the quality of your life. However, every now and […]


Guard My Angel: Your Eye in the Sky from the iPhone

TweetPrice: FREE Guard My Angel: iPhone App Written Review Here lately it seems that we’ve been favoring the sort of apps that add or improve the quality of your life over those that simply give you a new high score to beat. We figure we might as well not break the trend now, which is […]


MedXCom for Patients: The Future of Medicine On Your iPhone

TweetPrice: Free MedXCom for Patients: iPhone App Video and Written Review One of the things we talk most about here at the iPhone App Review is the untapped potential for technologies like iOS to really change the way we work and live. With so many cool and inventive apps coming out, the future is looking […]


Easy Pill: Never Miss a Pill Again

TweetPrice: $1.99 Easy Pill: iPhone Apps Written and Video Review   Do you take a lot of pills on a regular schedule? Or, do you take just a few, but can’t afford to miss them at all costs? No matter what your needs, whether or not they’re fatal or just preferred, you can still benefit […]


Motivatii: The Kick in the Pants That You Need

TweetPrice: $0.99 Motivatii: iPhone Apps Written Review In our line of work (we do a lot of stuff with web hosting, computers, etc.) one of the hardest parts about our job is actually obtaining motivation. Somedays we really struggle to get up and out of bed. However, with a new app by developer Auzom Apps […]

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