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Math Tales – The Jungle Will Delight Your Young Learners

TweetMath Tales – The Jungle Nursery Rhymes and Math Games for Kids Price: $2.99 Rating: iPhone App Review by We feature plenty of apps and games for kids here on The iPhone App Review. Some are educational, some are entertaining and some, like this one, are a great combination of both qualities. Math Tales […]


Between Futuristic and Feudal: Walking War Robots Is A Thrilling Title

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Walking Wars Robots iPhone Game Review by Gamers around the world are always on the hunt for their next fix. Whether you’re into by a simple gem like Temple Run or a comprehensive title such as GTA: San Andreas, you can always use a new game to add to the […]


AR Tap Shooter: Kill It — It’s in Your Living Room

Tweet Price: Free Rating: AR Tap Shooter iPhone Game Review by A couple years back we reviewed a rash of exciting new augmented reality games. These were titles that added to or in some way changed your environment using the iPhone’s camera. However, this was back on the iPhone 3, and the technology . […]


Spin N’ Win Slots Is a Free iOS Slots Game with a Twist

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Spin N’ Win Slots iPhone Game Review by Spin N’ Win Slots, developed by GC Gaming, LLC, is a fun, addicting, and potentially rewarding slot machine game for iPhone and iPad. In addition to possibly hitting the jackpot, players can spin a bonus prize wheel and potentially win an actual gift card. […]


Travel Back in Time to WWII with Enemy Dawn

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Enemy Dawn iPhone Game Review by New from Simplus Technologies Group, LLC, Enemy Dawn pits you against an army of tanks and airplanes in their World War II game. Features: Enemy Dawn is a side-scrolling shooter set during the World War II era. You’re a Polish soldier commanding a mobile […]


Thief Lupin 2: Stealing the World, One Canvas at a Time

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Thief Lupin 2 iPhone Game Review by Here at the iPhone App Review, and we know we’ve mentioned this before, we’re absolutely mad about arcade games. Anything that has us competing with ourselves to gain higher scores, more points, and trite rewards will keep us occupied for ages. This is […]

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