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Skip Through the Skies in Critter Hop

Tweet Critter Hop Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Critter Hop is a simple app that brings back fond memories of old school video games. Free through the iTunes Store, this is a charming little game. Features: Offering three levels of difficulty, Critter Hop by Nick Then challenges players to successfully guide little […]


Grand Gin Rummy Is a Must-Have Card Game for iOS

Tweet Grand Gin Rummy Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Card games are a wonderful way to wind down and test your skills without too much pressure. Regardless of what kinds of games you enjoy, card games always offer something for everyone. Grand Gin Rummy is an exciting well-crafted card game with awesome […]


HypnoTrip for iOS Isn’t for the Visually Faint of Heart

TweetHypnoTrip Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by HypnoTrip is a wild game that uses psychedelic images to challenge players to the max. To be frank, it is almost like an assault on the eyes. I definitely don’t recommend giving this game a try if you have strong light and/or visual sensitivity. Concept and […]


Think Fast With Multiples!

Tweet Multiples! Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Multiples! is a unique new fast-paced numbers game that will have you thinking and tapping as quickly as possible. It has earned a dedicated user base mostly because of the uniqueness of the game. Although the game is not overly graphically appealing, Multiples!, from Maxton […]


Challenge Yourself with Shade Combo!

Tweet Shade Multiples Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Shade Combo is a fun game that brings a unique twist to traditional color-matching games. Offered for free through the iTunes Store, this app challenges your problem-solving skills. Features: Shade Combo’s name really lends an accurate description of the app’s concept of gameplay. Specifically, […]


Planet Surfer is a Wild Surfing Ride

Tweet Planet Surfer Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Planet Surfer is a fun new fast-paced puzzle adventure game. Available for the Android and iOS smart phone users alike, this is a simple game and can be very addictive. The developers have taken the necessary measures to make gameplay look and feel interesting. […]

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