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Panic Pump Features Challenging 3D Puzzles, Custom Characters, and More

Tweet Panic Pump Price: Free iPhone News Article by Digilie Studio recently updated their second app, Panic Pump. Their flagship game features challenging puzzles, an original soundtrack, and much more. Released on September 3rd, Panic Pump immerses players in a rich and interactive 3D world full of interesting characters. The goal of Panic Pump is […]


Pegs ‘N Holes is a Must-Have Pick Up and Play Game for iOS

Tweet Pegs ‘n Holes Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by   As time goes on, games seem to become more and more technical and complex. There’s nothing better than being able to pick up a game and kill some time, which is exactly what Pegs ‘n Holes is all about. Pegs ‘n Holes, […]


Cross Pipe Is Similar to Tetris but with Many Twists

Tweet Cross Pipe Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by If you’re a fan of puzzle games, Cross Pipe is something you definitely have to check out. Cross Pipe is a fun and addicting game for iPhone and iPad that’s somewhat like Tetris but is unlike anything we’ve reviewed before. Concept and Gameplay: The […]


Think Shapes Will Give Your Gray Matter A Workout

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Think Shapes iPhone Game Review by Think Shapes, from SoftUps, LLC, is a well-designed challenging puzzle game that is great fun for any fan of interesting puzzles. Features It is not your run-of-the-mill shape puzzler where you have to fit shapes together. This game provides you with a fixed set […]


Think Outside the Box in REBUS – Absurd Logic Game

Tweet Price: Free Rating: REBUS – Absurd Logic Game iPhone Game Review by REBUS – Absurd Logic Game is an outstanding new puzzle game for iPhone and iPad that will challenge every ounce of logic you possess. Developed by Jutiful, this intriguing new game is a must have for anyone who wants to practice thinking […]


Shapes!! Is a Fantastic Puzzle Game for iOS

Tweet Price: $0.99 Rating: Shapes!! iPhone Game Review by Action-packed games are a blast to play, but sometimes you don’t feel like chasing down bad guys or zipping along at a high rate of speed while trying to avoid impossible obstacles. That’s where a nice and relaxing puzzle game is perfect. Shapes!! offers players a beautifully […]

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