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Dash Your Way to the Top in Horse Racing Winner 3D PLUS

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Horse Racing Winner 3D PLUS iPad Game Review by Racing games are perfect for the competitor in all of us, and Horse Racing Winner 3D PLUS certainly fits in that category. Developed by HaKuNa Games, this entertaining game not only keeps your adrenaline pumping, but is also very well designed and […]


Roamz: Use Social Networking To Find Something to Do

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Roamz: Written iPhone App Review It’s amazing how much we learn about the environment around us via technology. No longer do we ask friends what the best coffee house in town is, because a quick search on the latest popular app shows us more information than we could ask for. What […]


This Means War! Math Cards Learn and Play Game

TweetPrice: $.99 Rating: Math Cards Learn and Play Game: Written iPad App Review Whether you’re an early learner, looking for a way to get in some sweet math practice, or you’re a fan of the classic card game “War” the new Math Cards Learn and Play Game from Code Creator is going to be right […]


Flutter-by Butterflies: Letters, Colors, Rhyming and More

TweetPrice: $1.99 Rating: Flutter-by Butterflies: iPhone Written App Review When it comes to children’s apps, we’ve learned to expect a lot. So it was with great pleasure that I took the new Flutter-by Butterflies iPhone app from FeeFiFoFun for a test drive this week. This is, by far, one of the most intuitive apps, designed […]


50 Friends: A Spelling and Animal Adventure for Kids

TweetPrice: Free Rating: 50 Friends: iPad Video App Review What kid couldn’t use a few more friends? With the new 50 Friends iPad app your children can have fun spelling and unlocking 50 new animal friends with this interactive educational app from FLASHPROM LLC. Concept & Gameplay: 50 Friends walks kids through the process of […]


GPS Transportation Wizard HD for Walt Disney World

TweetPrice: $3.99 Rating: GPS Transportation Wizard HD for Walt Disney World: iPad Video App Review

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