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GPS Tracker 365 Offers Real-Time Location Tracking for iOS

Tweet Price: $0.99 Rating: GPS Tracker 365 – Locator for Kids, People, Mobile, Pet & Vehicle. Real Time Location Tracking iPhone App Review by GPS Tracker 365, developed by World Wide App, is a great way to not only keep track of people, but also record your routes and trips. Whether you’re looking for a way […]


The Exonerator: The Private Eye You Can Afford

TweetPrice: $2.99 Rating: So you’ve got a super suspicious boss, spouse, or flat mate, and you need to prove the train really did come in late, and that you weren’t just out bar hopping like a co-ed on spring break. Unless you kept an exact photo record of your activities, proving your recent whereabouts could […]


Let Everyone Know When You’ll Arrive with I’m Coming

TweetPrice: $0.99     Score: 9/10     By A. Papachristos Cell phone usage while driving has become one of the most dangerous new epidemics around.  Though laws have been created, threatening users with a fine and a mere slap on the wrist, drivers insist that they are above the law by trying to inconspicuously […]