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Maadly Is A New Concept in Social Media

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Maadly iPhone App Review by Maadly is a fascinating new social networking app that uses “beats” to share life updates. Available for free through the iTunes Store, Maadly, by Sigma Heed, lets users appreciate other’s content without needing to “friend” or “follow” them first. Features: Like many social media platforms, […]


Keeping Up with Your Social Networks is Easier with Cuggu Social

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Cuggu Social iPhone App Review by Cuggu Social, an app by VertaMedia LLC, will make keeping track of all your social media easier than ever before. Currently available for free through the iTunes Store, Cuggu Social functions as a convenient all-in-one social network aggregator. Features: Cuggu Social is a fun […]


ShareWhere Is Your Anonymous, and Local, Facebook-Twitter Synthesis

Tweet Price: Free Rating: ShareWhere iPhone App Review by We’ve seen apps of all shapes and sizes. From Social Network Apps to Expense Trackers and beyond, there’s an infinite supply of new and revolutionary apps emerging all the time. Now, we’ve got an app that steps away from Facebook to enable anonymous expression. The […]


Bigman Slots Is a Fun and Addicting Slots Game on Facebook

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Bigman Slots Facebook Game Review by For this review, we’re switching things up a bit. While we usually cover the latest and greatest iPhone and iPad apps, today we’re taking a look at a Facebook game. Bigman Slots is an exciting Facebook slot machine game that’s free to play and […]


Covery – A Facebook Lovers Dream

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Covery – for facebook timeline covers iPhone App Review by It’s amazing that Facebook has become such an integral part of our lives. That is to say, amazing and horrifying. We saw Zuckerberg become the world’s youngest billionaire, and since we’ve seen Facebook become a household name along with things […]


SpoW: Football Edition is a Must-Have for Soccer Fans

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: SpoW: Football Edition: Written iPhone App Review Listen up, sports fanatics! Are you tired of missing out on the latest football (soccer) scores? Do you wish there could be an easier way to keep track of your favorite teams and leagues? Fret no more thanks to this amazing new app. SpoW: […]

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