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Hear, Here – Learn English Homophones Is Perfect for Adults and Kids Alike

Tweet hear, here – Learn English Homophones Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Learning a new language can be a daunting task, but only if you don’t use all of the tools available to you. Hear, Here – Learn English Homophones is a terrific new app that turns learning English homophones into a game. […]


Make Grammar Fun with Say Word

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Say Word iPhone Game Review by Say Word is an innovative new app by Optimum Minds that combines lessons about homonyms with “gaming” challenges. Ideal for teaching students (or your own children) valuable English lessons, this app is a great educational tool for the iOS platform. Features: As indicated by […]


mPassport Paris Keeps You Alive in the City of Lights

TweetPrice: Free (limited time)    Score: 9/10    By Steve Beaudry mPassport Paris by HTH Worldwide is one of the more useful apps in the App Store. If you’re on your way to Paris and are concerned about your health, this app will tell you where to find doctors, what medicine is equivalent in France to what you’re taking, […]