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Blotty Pots: Sounds Like an Harry Potter Character, Brilliant Gameplay

TweetPrice: $0.99 Blotty Pots: iPhone App Video Review When it comes to games for iOS, it often feels like there just aren’t any more roads to run: As if everything has already been done, and everything since that hypothetical point has been re-runs and rehashes. However, it’s games like Blotty Pots, by developer Cobblecrowd, that […]


Dive Into The Mouse Nest And Get Cheesy With Cheezia

Tweet Price: $ .99 Rating:  Cheezia, by developer Nordic Solutions Systems Oy, offers the kind of tight, puzzling package we like to see in a fresh iPhone app. The game features rich graphics and a unique concept, as well as two game modes to keep the ball rolling. Cheezia might be repetitive at times, but […]


BrickColor: A Board-Game-Action-Puzzler That is Hard to Describe, Yet Fun to Play

Tweet Price: Free Rating: BrickColor iPhone Video App Review If you’re looking for a new and interesting iPhone puzzler app, BrickColor, by developer Philippe Auriach & Timothée Alby, is head-and-shoulders above a lot of other free-floating iPhone apps—especially in the difficulty factor. The iPhone app features a unique game concept that offers endlessly engaging gameplay […]