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Looking for Your Dream College? Find it with 4 Year Trip

Tweet 4 Year Trip Price: FREE Rating: iPhone App Review by Going to college can be both an exciting and a terrifying idea, and 4 Year Trip is an app that is designed to help prospective college students find the best college for their needs. Developed by Alisa Armas, this app is currently available […]


Easily Keep Your Spending in Check with My Budgeter

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: My Budgeter iPhone App Review by Whether you’re a young kid in school, a recent college graduate, or seasoned adult, you can never be too careful about how much you spend. You work hard for the money you earn, and you should work even harder to keep it from burning […]


Save Money by Comparing Textbook Prices with TextbookMe

TweetPrice: Free Rating: TextbookMe – The Cheap Textbook Search Engine: Written iPhone App Review One of my favorite things I used to do for my friends at college was save them hundreds of dollars on textbook costs by showing them how to shop for lower prices online. I hated to see how campus bookstores drove […]