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Sitrion ONE Is an Incredibly Powerful Business App and Service

Tweet Sitrion ONE Price: Subscription Rating: iPhone App Review by Great software is just as important to a business as its employees. Without a central hub for scheduling, communications, and payroll, it can be incredibly easy to lose track of everything. Sitrion ONE is an incredibly powerful internal communications system for businesses big and small. […]


Keep Organized On-The-Go with Daylite 5

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Daylite 5 iPhone App Review by Daylite 5 is an app developed by Marketcircle that helps small businesses stay organized. Created to be used in conjunction with the Daylite program for Mac, this app brings this popular program to the convenience of your favorite iOS device. Features: Named to follow […]


Improve Invoicing Efficiency with Billings Pro

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Billings Pro iPhone App Review by Billings Pro is the app version of the billing service of the same name by Marketcircle Inc. Designed with a very user-friendly interface, Billings Pro is an excellent way to improve efficiency in invoice distributions. Features: The Billings Pro app brings the identically named […]


iCrossPRO: Never be Ignorant Again (About Currency Exchange)

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: iCrossPRO iPhone App Review by If you’re like us, you tend to do a whole lot of international business. This means we’re constantly knocking back and forth between forms of currency, almost permanently wondering about conversion rates between USD and almost anything else. This is why we’re so excited to […]


Cubetto: Big Business Planning Made Small

Tweet  Price: $29.99 Rating: Cubetto iPad App Review by When it comes to creating business plans and practices, most processes tend to get a bit convoluted. This is no one’s fault, really: It’s just physics. Add a room of about 30 people, include a number of different work chains, and pretty soon it can […]


Generali: The Board Meeting in Your Pocket

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Generali: Written iPhone App Review When it comes to iPhone and iPad applications, we are continuously amazed by what the iOS platform is being used to do, create or otherwise promote. Today’s example comes blazing out of the business world, and is more akin to a board meeting than it is […]

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