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Look & Find for iPad Helps Kids Learn New Words While Having Fun

Tweet Look & Find: Fun Activities! Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by I’ve always been a huge advocate of using the iPad as a teaching tool for young children. Not only is it incredibly easy to handle, but the App Store is filled with educational apps and games, many of which are totally […]


Toon Goggles: Hours of Kid-Safe Cartoon Action

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Toon Goggles: Written iPad App Review If you’re a parent, you know how hard it can be to find apps that are appropriate for your kids, especially if those apps have videos. Now you’re in luck! The new Toon Goggles iPhone and iPad app from Digital Media Interactive is 100 percent […]


Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt – Tons of Fun!

TweetPrice: $0.99 Rating: Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt: Written iPad App Review Looking for a game that will spark your little one’s imagination again and again? Look no further than the Fido’s Treehouse Scavenger Hunt app for iPad. This brilliant title comes to us courtesy of Pixel Interactive and Little Learning Tots. Read on to find […]