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Stand Your Ground in Mars Defence

Tweet Mars Defence Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by If worrying over defending planet earth alone has gotten too mundane, then try out Yahub, Inc.‘s Mars Defence for a new challenge. Free through the iTunes Store, this fun game keeps things fresh. Features: For fans of other tower defense games, this is one you […]


Retake the World with Crab War

Tweet Crab War Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Crab War offers gamers a cool new challenge that goes beyond just winning a battle. In this fun game by AppXplore Sdn Bhd you must also successfully evolve your crab army in order to take revenge on a hoard of evil reptiles. Designed to let players really […]


Buddy Rush: The Legends is the Cutest RPG Ever

Tweet Buddy Rush: The Legends Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Company 100 Inc.’s Buddy Rush: The Legends game offers players the opportunity to lead characters to fight in the “cutest RPG.” Free through the iTunes Store, this app is a sequel to the previously created Buddy Rush game. Features: Buddy Rush: The […]


Towers Battle Pyramid: Solitaire with an Exciting Twist

Tweet Towers Battle Pyramid Solitaire Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Towers Battle Pyramid Solitaire  tosses an inventive spin into the traditional solitaire scheme. By adding a bit of a social spin to this normally solo card game, this app becomes an interesting take on an old favorite. Features: As indicated by its name, […]


Conquer the World with Invasion: Online War Game

Tweet Invasion: Online War Game Price: FREE Rating: iPhone Game Review by Invasion: Online War Game is an exciting simulation game that challenges players to use their knowledge of battle strategies in order to conquer the world. Although the app is currently available for free, a good number of in-app purchases to help you […]


Ward Off Enemy Tanks in Tank Titan HD

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Tank Titans HD iPhone Game Review by Tank Titans HD is a game by Reece Campbell that provides gamers with realistic tank battle game play. Is it the best you’ve ever seen? The developer thinks so, and it just might be. Currently available for free through the iTunes Store, this […]

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