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Namefeud Makes Finding the Perfect Baby Name a Breeze

Tweet Price: $0.99 Rating: Namefeud iPhone App Review by Namefeud, developed by Niklas Severinsson, is perfect for parents who are expecting a new addition to the family and would like a handy and fun way to research baby names. The app has many other features which make it a truly universal research tool for parents. […]


Track Your Pregnancy on Your iPhone

TweetPrice: Free     Score: 10/10     By M. Schusterman I can only imagine that being pregnant comes with an endless supply of questions. What’s going on with the baby at this stage? How should I expect to feel? What does it look like now? For those questions and more, there is Pregnancy & […]


Feel a Little Baby Love with Anne Geddes

TweetPrice: Free    Score: 8/10    By Aricka Flowers Famed baby photographer Anne Geddes has gotten into the social media game with a new iPhone app. Developed by Punchkick Interactive, the Anne Geddes iPhone app not only lets you peruse some of her best work, but also keeps you up on all things Geddes. For avid photographers […]


Show Off Your Little One With Build a Baby BragBook

TweetPrice: $1.99    Score: 9/10    By Aricka Flowers Parents, especially new ones, love showing off their new bundles of pride and joy. And now, thanks to the new Baby Story Audio version of Build a BragBook, they’ll be able to do it just by whipping out their iPhone! The app lets users create a story using […]


Take a Break without the Paranoia with Baby Monitor & Alarm

TweetPrice: $2.99    Score: 9/10    By Aricka Flowers Getting some shuteye and being well rested are two of the most important things you can do when a newborn is under your care. Unfortunately, they can also be two of the hardest things to accomplish. But a new app from Jindrich Sarson could help make sleep a […]


The Cry Translator App Aims to Decode Baby Tears

TweetPrice: $29.99    Score: 7/10    By Michael Essany They say there’s an app for just about anything these days. But perhaps with the new offering from Biloop Technologies, such a bold statement actually rings true, as one of the most outlandish claims of any app has finally burst onto the digital scene. The Cry Translator, which […]

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