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Look & Find for iPad Helps Kids Learn New Words While Having Fun

Tweet Look & Find: Fun Activities! Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by I’ve always been a huge advocate of using the iPad as a teaching tool for young children. Not only is it incredibly easy to handle, but the App Store is filled with educational apps and games, many of which are totally […]


Find All Is a Fun and Educational Game for Preschoolers

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Find All – Fun learning game for kids and toddlers to develop attention and fine motor skills iPhone Game Review by One of the best things about touchscreen devices like the iPhone and iPad is that kids are naturally drawn to them. Find All is a great educational app for […]


Give Your Friends a Virtual Friend with Ubooly Talks!

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Ubooly Talks! Learning Companion for Kids iPhone App Review by Ubooly Talks! provides children with their very own constant “virtual companion.” Created by Ubooly Inc., this app is promised to be perfect for entertaining, educating, and encouraging young children. Features: Anyone who grew up in the 90s will probably be […]


Talking ABC: The Cutest Way to Learn the Alphabet Yet

Tweet Price: $2.99 Rating: Talking ABC iPad App Review by Over the years, and we never would have expected this, the single most plentiful genre on the iPad isn’t aimed at those above three feet high. In fact, it seems like a majority of the applications out there are intended to be used by […]


Spray the Creepers Away with Anti-Monster Bedtime Spray

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Anti-Monster Bedtime Spray iPhone App Review by I don’t know about you, but as a kid I was terrified of the quietest sounds at night. Every creak, every bump, and every squeak would completely freak me out. Heck, even as an adult I still feel the same way on spooky […]


Top Ten Children’s Apps for the Summer: Keeping the Kids Entertained Has Never Been Easier

TweetIt’s the summer time, and your kids are finally out of school! Now, we know they’re pumped to be free—and we’re sure you’re quite excited to be spending a little more time with them. But that doesn’t mean some small part of your brain isn’t concerned. After all, what exactly are you going to do […]

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