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Now Alarm Clock: Gorgeous Simplicity to Keep You in Rhythm

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Now Alarm Clock iPhone App Review by Over the years, we’ve had more than our fair chance to look at alarm clock applications for the iPhone and iPad. In fact, we may have done more research than most: It’s a big deal to us how we wake up and manage […]


Clock Weather News: One of the Best Multi-Purpose Apps Available

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Clock Weather News: Written iPhone App Review The days of simple clocks are long gone. From fictional clocks that can force you out of bed to apps that have similar goals in mind, it’s tough to find a well-designed app that tries to serve multiple purposes. Usually these apps focus on […]


ibis Sleep Art: Create Art While You Slumber

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: ibis Sleep Art: Written iPhone App Review One of the most amazing things about sleep is it’s a time when we usually can’t control our actions. Once our head is on the pillow and our eyelids close, our subconscious comes out to play. While it’s fun to dream (and even more […]


Wake Up in Style with Radio Alarm Clock

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Radio Alarm Clock: Written iPhone App Review If you’re like me, you hate waking up early in the morning. Sometimes you have to, though, so why not try to make it a pleasant experience? Radio Alarm Clock, developed by EnSight Media, is somewhat of a veteran in the alarm app category. It has […]


Alarm DJ Pro: Simplistic, Loud, and Proper Quality

TweetPrice: $0.99 Rating: Alarm DJ Pro: Written iPhone App Review Do you ever wish there was just a basic alarm clock you could use to wake up with in the morning? You know, nothing with a lot of fancy features and timing schedules, just a basic bloody clock that gets you out of bed. Better […]


Everybody Do The Time Warp Alarm Clock

Tweet Price: $ .99 Time Warp Alarm Clock iPhone App Video Review   Time Warp Alarm Clock, by developer Milan Nikolic, offers one of the most visually striking alarm clock experiences available for the iPhone and iPad. This universal offering provides a hefty amount of graphics customization, easy alarm creation, and a sturdily fun way […]

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