Official Top 10 Apps of 2008

Written iPhone Top Ten App Review

With 2008 coming to a close, Apple has released the official list of the most popular, most-downloaded iPhone apps of the year just gone.

Top Paid Apps (Overall):
1) Koi Pond
2) Texas Hold’em
3) Moto Chaser
4) Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3d
5) Super Monkey Ball
6) Cro-Mag Rally
7) Enigmo
8) Pocket Guitar
9) Recorder
10) iBeer

Top 10 Free Downloads (Overall)
1) Pandora Radio
2) Facebook
3) Tap Tap Revenge
4) Shazam
5) Labyrinth Lite Edition
6) Remote
7) Google Earth
8) Lightsaber Unleashed
9) AIM
10) Urbanspoon

In addition, here are the #1 paid & free downloads in Games, Entertainment, Utilities, Social Networking & Music.

Top Paid Game:
Texas Hold’em

Top Free Game:
Tap Tap Revenge

Top Paid Entertainment:
Koi Pond

Top Free Entertainment:

Top Paid Utilities:
Units (crossroad solutions)

Top Free Utilities

Top Paid Social Networking:

Top Free Social Networking:

Top Paid Music:

Top Free Music:
Pandora Radio

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Done Drinking

Written iPhone Game App Review

Price: Free   Score: 7/10    By Shaun CampbellDone Drinking

Done Drinking is a humorous little game from developer JVL.

Our hero has been out on the sauce and just can’t seem to keep himself upright. Wandering down a hallway on his way home, he teeters and totters about. If he falls down, he will be “done drinking” and fall asleep!

Use tilt control to keep him from falling over, and see just how far you can get! But beware…the further he walks, the more he drinks, so it gets harder & harder to stop our man from passing out.

With quirky graphics and funny sound effects, Done Drinking is an amusing package. There isn’t going to be a lot of re-playability here as the concept is pretty simple, but the game is free, so take a look for a bit of a laugh.

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Crazy Penguin Catapult Lite

Written iPhone Game App Review

Currently one of the most popular downloads in the free app store, Crazy Penguin Catapult Lite is a simple but entertaining offering from developer Digital Chocolate.

Polar bears have taken over Antarctica and it’s your job to help the penguins take it back. Launch your black & white buddies from catapults and dive-bomb the invaders.

Crazy Penguin Catapult has basic but amusing game-play and intuitive controls. Tap once to send your helmeted birds down towards the bears, but be careful, timing is everything!

This is the Lite version, and so the the features are a little stripped-down.Buy the full game for:

  • 30 Playable levels + Bonus levels & Boss battles (there are 6 levels in the Lite version)
  • 9 Penguin power-ups
  • 3 unique maps
  • 2 game modes, campaign & strategy

Crazy Penguin Catapult Lite may not have all the features of the full-version, but for a free game, it’s a great package.


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Microsoft Live Labs Releases First iPhone App – Seadragon Mobile

Written iPhone Photo App Review

Microsoft has recently made its first foray into Apple iPhone applications with the release of Seadragon Mobile.

In a most unlikely industry collaboration, the software heavyweight has produced a novel image app that is now freely available on the App Store.

Seadragon Mobile allows users to view Gigapixel images right on their iPhone. Yes, Gigapixel. The image-scaling technology has been developed by Microsoft Live Labs and was originally intended for the Silverlight platform on the PC, but it has been ported across for the iPhone market.


Seadragon comes with a number of images to explore including several pieces of high-res artwork, NASA’s blue marble and other space images. You can also view user-submitted “Deep-Zoom” Photosynth image albums. There is a nifty search function that lets you find an image set of interest. Seadragon assembles all the images in a set into an ordered display of thumbnails which allows you to view a large number of images quickly and easily. Pinch-zoom control is used to great effect here.

The satellite maps of the world included in Seadragon Mobile are possibly the most useful feature offered by this app. They are closely akin to Google maps, but, dare I say it, better executed – at least in terms of presentation. The maps are available in the same three formats as those provided by Google: satellite, hybrid and road. Labels are clear and the scaling of highways, population centers and geographical data is spot-on. There is a major gripe here though, and it’s a deal-breaker: there’s no search function.

Wrap Up:

As the app stands, it has limited real-world functionality but there is a lot of potential here. Seadragon Mobile was however always intended to be a tech-demo rather than a killer-app, so we shall see what the future holds.


Seadragon in action:



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Swat – Free Game of the Day

Written iPhone Game App Review

Swat is a free game with a simple concept. Dozens of flies buzz around on the screen and you have to try and swat as many as you can. There are 10 levels, each with increasing difficulty. To mix things up there are also bees which you have to avoid and butterfly’s to try and ‘catch’.

This is a basic whack-a-mole affair, but Swat isn’t without its problems. The game just doesn’t respond well enough to your finger taps. You will find yourself swiping madly at flies, but to no effect. There is also the odd butterfly that you are encouraged to catch, but the game can’t seem to differentiate between the finger-pinching action needed to do so and a normal tap. You just end up with a squished bug.

The graphics and sound in Swat are not OK, but game-play is what makes or breaks a game – and Swat is mediocre at best.


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Space Deadbeef – First Side-Scrolling Shoot-em-up for iPhone is a Winner

Written iPhone Game App Review

Space Deadbeef is a new game for the iPhone in the tradition of those old school side-scrolling shoot-em-ups of the 80’s & 90’s. You know the ones – where your impossibly small fighter takes on wave after wave of bad guys armed only with your quick reactions and virtually unlimited firepower. Space Deadbeef is the first incarnation of this style of arcade shooter to make its way to the app store, and it does the job surprisingly well for a game that won’t cost you a cent.

When playing Space Deadbeef, you use touch control (rather than tilt) to maneuver your aircraft up & down. You are constantly dodging lasers fired in your direction while trying to let loose as much ammunition in the other direction as you possibly can (it is unlimited after all). Sadly, for fans of the genre, power-ups don’t feature in Space Deadbeef. You only have the following two weapons at your disposal:

  • Gun: Activated by tapping on your own aircraft. You can hold down your finger to build up the power of the shot.
  • Homing Missiles: Activated by tapping on enemy aircraft. Pressing down over the enemy for longer increases the number of missiles that are fired. You can also drag your finger to select multiple enemies.

The graphics and detail of the models in Space Deadbeef are quite impressive. The explosions and particle physics are especially good. The sound is ok, and funnily enough it’s disabled by default – but you can turn it on if you want.

There are 16 stages in all, but essentially they are just repeats of the first stage. They’re all actually identical bar the increase in difficulty, and by difficulty I mean the volume of lasers that get fired at you. Your ability to evade the onslaught lessens with each stage until a veritable tsunami of lasers makes it impossible to survive. Still, criticism aside, this is the first release and the possibility is always open for updates/new levels etc.

Bottom line: Space Deadbeef is definitely worth checking out.

Space Deadbeef Gameplay:


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