Press Release: ContactsXL 2017 is the Best New Contacts Manager for iPhone and iPad


ContactsXL 2017
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January 6, 2017 – France – ContactsXL 2017 leaps past the default iOS contacts manager by giving users an entirely new way to keep track of friends, family, co-workers, and more. iOS users are no longer limited to basic tasks like just keeping track of phone numbers and email addresses.

contacts1ContactsXL 2017 was featured on the popular Apple-centric website AppAdvice, which wrote, “With ContactsXL you can manage your contacts and create groups, send group text and email, call your favorite contacts, and even get notified on contacts’ birthdays and anniversaries.”

The developer of ContactsXL 2017, Jonathan Teboul, says “The most famous feature of ContactsXL 2017 is you can update your contacts with their latest Facebook profile pictures and thus, see their photos in fullscreen when they call you.”

Tasks involved in managing large numbers of contacts were always a tedious chore before ContactsXL 2017. Now users can easily delete multiple contacts, add Facebook photos, quickly send group texts, search for contacts using any field, sort contacts using many different filters, and much, much more.

Business users, clubs, and organizations will especially appreciate the power and flexibility that ContactsXL 2017 brings to the job of managing large number of contacts.

ContactsXL 2017 allows users to have complete control over their contacts. It includes 2 widgets for notification center: one to call favorite contacts and another one to access recent outgoing calls.

You can download ContactsXL 2017 from the App Store for $1.99. The app is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad.


About the Developer
Jonathan Teboul, has been developing on iOS since 2009. He does it as his hobby and it’s his passion. 5 millions of his apps have been downloaded; the most downloaded are ContactsXL and Shoppylist. He is an individual company.


Media Contact
Jonathan Teboul
Twitter: @contactsxl

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Discover Great Movies with Film Fish


Film Fish – movie discovery
Price: Free
iPhone App Review by

Reviewed by MC

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Film Fish – Movie Discovery is a very cool new app that brings the movie discovery service to the convenience of your favorite iOS device.

Available for free through the iTunes Store, this app makes figuring out movie night plans a cinch.


Film Fish – Movie Discovery, by FilmFish LLC, is a film suggestion database, with an important distinction.

Unlike most other movie suggestion services that rely on algorithms and other “scientific” approaches to providing recommendations, this app uses the “original” movie guide concept; Film Fish’s suggestions are all from the advice of other fellow human beings. What a concept!

The app, which was previously rolled out through a website, generates a list of movie suggestions for you, based upon the movie preferences you state.

Sources for streaming the flicks are also listed within the app, ranging from Amazon to Netflix to HBO, etc, allowing you to conveniently find films featured in movie services you already pay for anyways.

Your movie searches for an evening can be based on just about any theme you can think of “Movies about…” and a list of suggestions based on your current theme mood as well as your past preferences is provided.

Appearance and Layout:

Film Fish iPhone App Review

Film Fish iPhone App

While the services provided from Film Fish are definitely worth checking out, the layout of the app could still use some work. Specifically, I found it difficult to locate a way to adjust my list of services that I subscribe to after I created an initial Film Fish account.

Navigating through the movie suggestions within the app is fairly easy to do, once you’ve set-up your account however.

The appearance of the app also adds to its user friendly appeal, with movie suggestions followed by quick blurbs to help you decide whether or not that’s the flick for you that night.   


For the frequent movie-watcher and the occasional film critic alike, this app is a great value.

Although its appearance and layout could probably use a few tweaks, the overall concept of the service provided through Film Fish is an impressive one.

It’s easy to use, and the suggestions provided through the app were actually useful and well suited to personal taste.

While the layout of the app could use some improvements for ease in adjusting account information, these layout issues should not deter you from trying out Film Fish.

download (15)Film Fish requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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Colory is a Beautiful Adult Coloring Book


Colory: Coloring Book for Adults Free
Price: Free
iPhone App Review by

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Adult coloring books have become the latest rage these days, but bringing a physical coloring book around can be somewhat tiresome, so why not have all your favorite coloring books all in one convenient location?

Colory is a beautifully designed app that gives you the luxury of taking your coloring books with you while on the go.


Upon opening the Colory app, developed by Lotogram, you will be presented with a numerous variety of coloring topics, ranging from new releases to specialty themed ones.

Simply tap on the topic that interests you and if it is your first time coloring, a simple tutorial will be available.

Simply tap to begin painting, use your finger tips to produce a spreading motion to zoom in, drag across the screen with one finger tip to move, and change up your brush mode with the color palette selection on the bottom of the screen. There is also an “undo” button for any mistakes you want to get rid of.

Colory iPhone App Review

Colory iPhone App Review

You can also create and color your very own emoji, iMessage sticker, and even scan and upload your own image that you want to color. These options can all be accessed under the “Create” menu option on the bottom of the app screen.

Appearance and Layout

The overall layout of Colory is very easy to figure out and get around. Large coloring topic icons appear right when you open the app, clearly labeled with brief subject headers.

Select a relaxing tune from the playlist on the top of the screen and even view other users’ takes on the same coloring image from the “Inspiration” drop down menu.

You also have the opportunity to save, print off, and /or share your work of art with others via social media as well.


Colory is free to download.  While most of the coloring images are free to color and share, there are some that require an in-app purchase to access. Overall, with the amount of images that are made available to you from the start, this app is well worth the value. It works as a great stress reducer and boredom killer.

It’s the perfect app for users of all ages, and Colory will not disappoint!

Colory31Colory requires iOS 8.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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The Top 7 Reasons to Fall in Love With iOS 10

Top 7 Reasons to Love iOS 10

The Top 7 Reasons to Fall-in-Love with iOS 10

Let’s face it, you love to read about Apple. Whenever there’s any news about any Apple products, it’s always THE topic of conversation. And for good reason, the company is ruling the industry with its feature-rich smartphones, OSs, and many other devices.

After huge speculation, the company finally launched iOS 10 on 13th June 2016. Billed as the next generation operating system for it’s mobile products, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, it offered quite a bit for it loyal users.

Apple CEO ‘Tim Cook’ mentioned that it was one of the biggest releases ever for iOS users as the all new version of iOS included with a lot of features, comprising a redesigned lock screen, notifications with 3D touch, the new “raise to wake” feature, new widget screens and more.

Top 7 Reasons to Love iOS 10These new features were enthusiastically received and created a huge impact on the iPhone app development companies, allowing people to enjoy more benefits.

If you also have an iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device and still you have not downloaded it on your device, you should check out this blog and find top reasons to download iOS 10.

1 – Smart Typing Experience

The next generation iOS 10 gives an excellent typing experience to its users as it’s implemented with artificial intelligence and content cues.

The company has brought Siri intelligence to the keyboard, giving users suggestion when they are typing a message. The instant type will insure a time-saving typing experience that you have never experienced before.

Moreover, the new iOS release also added rich links, enabling users to see content and play music without leaving their conversation. Users can also use bubble effect like invisible ink, which hides a message until the recipient swipes over it.

It’s a snap to replace already written words with emojis, you can see full-screen animations such as confetti, balloons, fireworks, and etc. There’s also a new tap back feature, which responds to messages with a single tap. In addition to this, iOS 10 brings the power of the App Store to messages.

In short, the company has made it a lot easier no matter whether you want to add stickers, personalize GIFs or edit pictures, send payments or schedule dinner.

2 – You can Delete Unwanted Apps that you Don’t Use

Finally, iOS 10 allows you to delete all those unused stock applications that you never used. Now, there is no need to hide all those unwanted apps in a folder.

A lot different than earlier software updates, iOS 10 enables you to instantly remove Apple’s built-in applications from your home screen. This procedure can be done in the same way that you would delete any other application.

To delete the applications like Calculator, Calendar, Compass, iTunes Store, Weather or any other Stock apps, you just need to touch and hold down the icon until it jiggles.

However, removing all built-in applications give you the complete freedom to personalize your home screen. One caution worth mentioning, if some of the apps deleted, it may affect other system functionalities. No need to worry too much, however, as you can always add them back whenever you want.

3 – Redesigned Map Applications

With each iOS release, Apple is improving Maps, and when it comes to talking about iOS 10, this release is no different. Once, you download iOS 10 on your device, you can see that Maps has been redesigned to provide a huge improvement in ease-of-use.

Now, developers can also make extensions so that they can add more features right into Maps. For example, OpenTable’s extension allows you to book a reservation, and an extension from Uber also enables to book a ride – all while never leaving the Maps app.

With the next generation iOS 10, Maps becomes smarter and proactive, and it will know your daily routine and check the appointments on your calendar to deliver you directions to the location you are most probably want to go next.

You are allowed to search along that route for any coffee shop, gas station or anything once you have selected a route. It can even give an estimate of how that pit stop will alter the length of your trip.

4 – A Completely New Lock Screen

The new iOS 10 comes with a completely new lock screen that has many new exciting features, including a redesigned control centre, widgets side panel, revamped notifications and more.

Finally, the old and common ‘Slide to unlock’ feature has been removed from iOS 10 and the new screen of iOS 10 offers much more dynamic look where the wallpaper will not be lowered because of the incoming notifications.

Furthermore, the new Raise to Wake feature allows the users to see information on the screen without the requirement to touch ID home screen.

5 – Excellent Navigation and Notifications

We all love the fast Touch ID sensor, but have you noticed that the fingerprint sensor on recent iPhones is so fast that it bypasses the lock screen altogether? The all new iOS 10 features called Raise to Wake will fix the problem.

After installing the iOS update, you will be able to just lift up your iPhone and see your notifications. Talking about notifications and the Lock screen of iOS 10, both are wonderfully redesigned to give users an excellent experience. Both offering users a very cool and radical change in terms of looks.

With applications, the new notifications allow you a faster and simpler interaction. The notifications will better leverage 3D Touch by which you can interact with every single app that sent you a notification without the Lock Screen.

Additionally, iOS 10 also added app widgets integrating 3D touch by which you can easily interact with an app without launching it. Further, you can easily slide from the right on the Lock screen to access the camera or you can also slide from the left in order to access app widgets.

6 – Apple Music

Apple Music now comes with some of the major visual changes as the application has hit 15 million subscribers. With better cover art, cleaner and more intuitive way of suggesting you new music, Apple Music has been redesigned.

If you add the lyrics for your favorite songs, you can get an online display for the songs while playing it. The capability to have uninterrupted music play allows you to listen to the music even when you are clicking photos.

The redesign of Apple music is completely pure and based on the needs of the user. Moreover, Apple also tried to enhance the user experience even with insights on user habits.

7 – Photos

The next generation iOS 10 comes with wonderful photo management features, allowing users to enjoy their photos even more. The face as well as location discovery features are added benefits.

In addition to this, the new memories feature has been added that will help you to create highlight reels based on location as well as people. With their pictures, users can get more personalized experience and can highlight their most amazing moments.

The seven key improvements mentioned are some of the wonderful and cool features of iOS 10 that will make users fall in love with it. Still if you have not installed iOS 10 in your iPhone or any other Apple device, you are missing out many features, so go and download it now.

Author Bio:

Sohel Ather is a head of marketing department at SpaceOtechnologies company, leading brand to Hire iphone app developer. Sohel is responsible for content marketing and Guest blogging for company. He enjoys exploring the latest mobile app technologies and taking on new challenges.


Shellfire VPN Insures Safe & Secure Internet Browsing


Shellfire VPN
Price: Free
iPhone App Review by

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Security is an important issue these days, and finding a secure way to surf the web can be daunting.

The Shellfire VPN is a very well-designed free app that provides you with peace of mind and worry free internet browsing.


Begin using the Shellfire VPN app, developed by Shellfire, by creating an account with your email address.

After activating your account, you will need to allow the installation of the VPN (Virtual Private Network) browser to your device, and then afterwards, select a specific server from a country of your choosing.

A VPN basically serves as a private channel where the data from your internet browsing is funneled through and is rendered indecipherable to other parties who might intercept it.

Shellfire VPN iPhone App Review

Shellfire VPN iPhone App Review

Any device that has the Shellfire VPN app installed on it will have the added assurance of private web browsing.

Appearance and Layout

The Shellfire VPN app is a straightforward app with practically no distractions.

Its main purpose is to provide you with internet security, and that is what it does. Server choices are easy to view, and menu options are well defined.

You can narrow down the selection of servers to choose from by tapping on the “Filter” icon on the bottom of the app screen.

You can also view the different types of plans and upgrades available by selecting the “Premium” icon.

Learn more about the app, rate the app, and spread the news about the app on social media by tapping on the “More” option.


The Shellfire VPN is free to download and use. However, there are some special features that require an upgrade to either a Premium Plan or PremiumPlus Plan.

If you are looking for more than a couple of servers, additional country selections, faster video streaming, and better encryption, then you might want to consider doing an upgrade for an additional cost.

The free plan is still a decent one as it provides the basic necessity for internet browsing security that most people wanting a VPN would really need.

Shellfire 3Shellfire VPN requires iOS 8.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Influencer Marketing Hub – Digital Marketing’s next big thing. Now.


Influencer Marketing by Influencer Marketing Hub
Price: Free
iPhone App Review by

Influencer Marketing iPhone App

Influencer Marketing iPhone App

Influencer Marketing Hub’s new iOS and Android Apps offer news, Influencer Marketing Platform reviews and Agency Case Studies that to all Micro-Influencers, Marketing agencies and platforms and enables its users to stay up to date with industry trends and resources.

Find Industry Events and Conferences and access leading Influencer Marketing ebooks and Guides from your mobile phone.

The Youtube Money Calculator enables Youtube Influencers to easily calculate potential earnings on their Youtube channels and video views based on length of video views and other engagement metrics.

Find out How much Youtubers earn on their channels with the Youtube money estimator.

The Youtube Influencer feature provides a realtime analysis of the world’s top youtube influencers, instantly see at any moment who are the top 20 influencers, along with their followings and video views.

Influencer Marketing iPhone App

Influencer Marketing iPhone App


  • Weekly reviews of Influencer Marketing platforms on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, snapchat and Facebook. Influencer Marketing Hub aims to provide reviews on the leading 50 platforms to make it easier for agencies and influencers to choose the right software to suit their needs.
  • Influencer Marketing Agency Case Studies and Reviews
  • Influencer Marketing Conferences and events
  • Influencer White papers and ebooks

Up and coming Influencers will also soon get access to unlimited training resources and guides on how to make money on youtube, how to become an instagram influencer and a host of other training material to help influencers succeed.

This app is for:

  • Instagram Influencers
  • Youtube Influencers
  • Twitter Influencers
  • Influencer Marketing Agencies
  • Influencer Marketing Platforms
  • Anyone working in an agency environment who wishes to learn more about the benefits of influencer marketing

hub-qrInfluencer Marketing requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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