Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup: Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of The Week

Top 5 iPhone Apps

What a week it’s been here at the iPhone App Review! We covered a ton of good iPhone apps and iPad apps  —would you expect any different from us?  We’ve got our Top 5 iPhone Apps all loaded up and ready to go. But before we sic ‘em on you, here’s a sneak peek at some of the stellar iOS apps we covered this week:

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

One of our favorites this week was Quipster, which offers a new and snarky way to announce your location and doings. We also dug the extreme amount of learning potential locked inside iMathematics. For a younger audience, we also liked the educational value of Farm Jigsaw Puzzles 123 for the iPad.

It was a great week for games, as well, featuring the challenging gameplay of Atomania, the quick-paced scramble of Brick Color, and the campy nerd-fest of Warp Jam. For the musical star in you, we also took an extended look at FunTom of the Opera.

That’s it for our sneak peek! But don’t think we’re done just yet—in fact, we’re only just getting started! Hit us up after the break for a look at our Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps for June 10.

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week



Snapseed – $4.99

Last out of the gate this week, though certainly not least, is yet another app for the iPad. Snapseed, which can be had for an hefty five bucks in the AppStore, absolutely stole the show for us with its stellar and simple photo-editing capabilities.

Taking and editing photos could not be easier with Snapseed. The app features a beautiful horizontal interface that allows for quick dragging-and-dropping of just about everything. The boon of this is that you can load a new photo, slap a filter onto it, and then have it on Flickr in only a matter of minutes. The included effects and adjustment sliders are professional-grade, too, meaning your photos won’t be sporting any cheap effects. Snapseed is the perfect photo-editor for the iPad’s screen and capabilities, and once you’ve given it a go, you’ll never want to go back.

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JumpStart My ABC Book: Bringing the ABCs to Life

JumpStart My ABC Book - Knowledge Adventure

JumpStart My ABC Book app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: $1.99

There’s no reason to put off starting your child’s education when you find apps like JumpStart My ABC Book for iPhone and iPad from developer Knowledge Adventure. Make learning letters fun with this interactive mobile alphabet app that’s packing a lot of extra features sure to keep your little learner engaged.


I stumbled across a lot of educational features while performing my iPhone app review of JumpStart My ABC Book. This iOS app does a lot more than go through the alphabet. Users may select from two different learning modes, “Read Mode” and “Learn Mode.” By combining games, visual learning, audible learning and a lot of fun JumpStart My ABC Book brings the alphabet to life for your youngster.

“Read Mode” allows a child to create and save sticker book pages for every letter. Each sticker and letter may be tapped on for audible learning reinforcement. There is also a poem and song for each letter for your child to listen to and learn.

In “Learn Mode” the app will display a letter of the alphabet and say the name of the letter out loud. The left-hand side of the screen will populate four different stickers. Your child must identify the correct sticker that begins with the letter on the screen, then drag and drop it to the middle of the screen. If they get confused they can tap on the letter to hear the sound it makes. Students can earn one to five stars in this game to encourage them to come back and play again.


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Quipster: The Hipster of Check-In Apps

Quipster - Mobilitz Inc.

Price: Free

Quipster iPhone Video App Review

Quipster for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Are you bored with most modern location check-in apps? Do you cringe when someone talks about their Foursquare, Gowalla and Twitter Locations conquests? If so, then Quipster iPhone app by Mobilitz may be exactly what the Doctor ordered: It’ll change how you feel about announcing your doings on the internet.

Features and Functionality

If you are at all familiar with other location-based apps like Foursquare then you have a pretty good handle on what Quipster has to offer. My iPhone app review discovered that the app allows you to simultaneously announce where you are, what you’re doing, and just how much of a gas you’re having doing it. Other users of the iPhone app can then browse through posted Quips to get a feel for what’s happening: This includes events in the city, major traffic accidents, new concerts, cool places to eat, etc. It’s a nifty way to combine the best elements of Yelp, YellowPages, Facebook and Twitter into one app.

Quipster performs its duties admirably. I had no trouble logging into my new account, and the app immediately latched onto my location. Quipster would have loaded any nearby quips as well, but the app’s only major snag was apparent from the get-go—there aren’t many quippers just yet. My area (South-Eastern Seaboard) was fairly devoid of users, greatly diminishing the joy I would have garnered from such a fantastic app. Quipster offers a lot of social networking ability, including the option to add friends, rise up the quip-importance rank, and gain titles. All of these, however, are null when it’s a lonely quipping universe. Hopefully press such as this review will garner the app more respect, and thusly more users—ultimately leading to a happier, and more informed, planet overall.


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Voice Control Fun with FunTom of the Opera

FunTom of the Opera - MetalCompass

funtom of the opera iphone app review

Reviewed By: Philip Chan


Price: $ .99

Hit all the right notes with FunTom to get the top score in Fun Tom of the Opera for the iOS! FunTom of the Opera takes a creative approach to controls by having the player use his voice, not the touch screen, to play the game. Interested in this unique gem? Check out this iPhone app review to learn more!


Essentially, players must alter their voice to the right tone to keep the onscreen “note” at the right level long enough, causing the wine glass (or other objects) to shatter. It is a zany idea and one that would look rather silly on the subway, in class, or anywhere else in public. However, in the privacy of one’s own home, FunTom of the Opera fits right in.

From the start, you can select to Resume your previous games, start a new game, and follow the developers on Facebook and Twitter. First time users will be greeted by FunTom with a brief intro to the game. After that, you are on your own as you tackle the many different levels of this intriguing iPhone app game.

Once you have beaten a level, you can elect to repeat the level, view other levels on the main menu, or go to the next level (just like in many other level-based iOS games, including the popular Angry Birds).

Levels aren’t just about hitting one note and causing the glass to shatter. You’ll face all kinds of voice challenge problems throughout FunTom of the Opera, including switching between high and low, timed regions and more. You are timed, shown on screen by a slowly lowering curtain, so you have to hit the right notes without dawdling around! Gamers won’t be stuck just shattering a wine glass, as there are loads of different objects to break with your wonderful voice abilities (wink wink) throughout FunTom of the Opera.


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Cute Cloud Has an Atmosphere of Fun

Cute Cloud - Ninja Fever

Price: $.99

Cute Cloud iPhone Video App Review

Cute Cloud app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

If you’ve ever sat looking up at the clouds wondering what they were really up to, now’s your chance to find out. Meet Nimby, an appropriately named nimbus cloud (those are the ones that make rain) out to protect the world from forest fire, pollution and drought in Cute Cloud from developer Ninja Fever for iPhone and iPad.


Nimby is out to clean up the world in this one-cloud eco-adventure. In Cute Cloud you will navigate Nimby around the world absorbing other, smaller clouds and avoiding bigger ones so you do not get eaten up. Once you’ve grown large enough to make a difference, follow the yellow arrows to that level’s destination. Drop rain on the target to stamp out forest fire, fight pollution with clean rain or drop crop saving water on drought-ridden land.

I thought beating this game for my iPhone app review would be easy. Sounds simple enough, right? Between keeping clear of big clouds who would put Nimby to less noble use, navigating around the world in search of smaller clouds who can help you in your quest and making it safely to the site, there’s a lot to do and the game can get quite challenging.

In addition to the game play basics, there are two different modes in the Cute Cloud app. Choose “Missions Game” to beat levels, hit goals and complete progressively harder tasks. If you want to be the king or queen of the sky, give “Infinite Game” mode a try. Earn high scores and compare with friends via Open Feint, a recent addition to Cute Cloud with its 1.2 software update.


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Farm Jigsaw Puzzles 123: Learning! Down on the Farm

Farm Jigsaw Puzzles 123 - GiggleUp Pty Ltd

Price: $1.99

Farm Jigsaw Puzzles 123 iPhone Video App Review

Farm Jigsaw Puzzles 123

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We see a lot of educational apps here at the iPhone App Review, and we have pretty much established a formula for the gold-studded winners: Have loads of cute animals, an engaging game mechanic to keep the little ones active, and quality educational material to back it up. Thankfully, Farm Jigsaw Puzzles 123, an iPad app by developer GiggleUp Pty, delivers in spades on every count. In fact, they raise the bar with elements such as encouraging feedback with adorable animations to help encourage your child in solving their puzzles.


Like most quality educational iPad apps, Farm Jigsaw Puzzles 123 puts the emphasis on the game mechanic itself, with the learning slid underneath and out view—though still ever-present. The game presents your child with a scene (illustrations range from a night on the farm to a day in the pumpkin patch) filled with blank animal silhouettes.  This iPad app is highly engaging, as all elements, such as the objects and animals, are interactive.

To get started, your child simply clicks the absent individual, and works a jigsaw puzzle featuring that animal. Once finished, the animal’s name is spelled out and said, complete with cute animations. The completed image is then added to the scene, and its on to the next puzzle. When the whole illustration is done, your child will be rewarded with a warm congratulations.

This is a great concept that accurately teaches while keeping your child entertained. Puzzles are a favorite with small children, and having the ability to change the puzzle-piece count widens Farm Jigsaw Puzzles 123’s audience to even older children. All-in-all, it’s a fantastic way to learn, and one that will keep your kid engaged.


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