BodyFate – Fit is Your Fate!

Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

BodyFate - BodyFate LLC

Price: $1.99

This is a bit like boot camp!  However instead of army boots your drill instructor is wearing black high heeled boots made of leather and I think she enjoys watching you in pain!  Simply put, if you are tired and bored of your same old workout routine she will, um, I mean, this iPhone app will certainly liven things up!  BodyFate is like having your own personal trainer!


No matter how you look at it the task of exercising sometimes takes as much mental effort as it does physical effort.  There are plenty of products out there that will ‘motivate’ you to workout, or so they boast!  After a while your workout routine could get really mundane.  It really boils down to keeping the thought of working out and doing the actual exercise as fresh and exciting and as fun as possible.  I think this iPhone app has found a way to do just that!  BodyFate is part game, part education, part ‘how to’, part motivator, and part tutorial.  A very unique combination to say the least!  And its main goal is to keep your workout fresh and new so you can, well, keep your work out fresh and new, for lack of better words.  As long as you’re having fun you may be surprised at how many sit ups or pushups you just did!


First, the real life graphics are very clear and certainly very valuable to the user!  After all, the main gist of this iPhone app is exercise, so what better to have than real life pictures showing how each exercise is properly done!  Secondly, the rest of the graphics are definitely game like and are presented with that funny cartoon style that we are all familiar with.  The classic wheel of torture, the devil sittin in the lawn chair sippin a froo froo drink, the gut check guy daring you to hit him in the stomach, awesome!  Again, this is a testament to the app as it comes across very fun, putting a great spin on getting your work out on!


Like having your personal trainer with you at all times!  By utilizing the settings menu you can adjust your workout depending on where you are and how much time you have and what level of physical output you are capable of.  For example, if you are at the gym with a flock of exercise equipment at your disposal you can program that info in and your game, or fate that is, will be adjusted accordingly.  On the other hand if you are at home and a beginner at exercising the app will only utilize what is available within your home!  Let’s say you’re a great exerciser but you’re stuck in your hotel room!  This app will still give you a heck of a workout.  It may include a chandelier, a phonebook, and a bath robe, but your trainer is very smart!

BodyFate iPhone app  [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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Weekly iPhone Apps Roundup – Top 5

Top 5 iPhone Apps Reviewed

This week’s top five iPhone apps have it all! Action, functionality, and Steve Tyler?

This week our iPhone app reviews covered a gamut of categories, some sizzled, such as Room 77 allowing guests to view hotel rooms before they arrive, and others fizzled, SMSWriter, an app designed to take the thought out of your thought process. In the end, we covered some amazing new apps, some are featured below. However, our top 5 list also features Fight Night Champion and AppSoLewdly, which you must see to below.


Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion$4.99

Fight Night Champion is an iPhone app that hits hard, and packs a lot of punch in their $4.99 app fee. Ported from EA Sports console boxing game, Fight Night Champion lives up to the hype!  The controls are superb and fluid, allowing you to utilize the full range of the screen to tap, and swipe for a variety of jabs, blocks, and uppercuts. Our favorite aspect is the ability to bring a new fighter up through the ranks, aiming for the prize fights with Ali and other legends. And, once you have taken down the computer opponents, get ready to take this game to the streets by taking on friends, or foes via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.


Appsolewdly iPhone app

Steven Tyler AppSoLewdly $2.99

You may love Steven Tyler from his myriad of hit songs, his engery and passion, or his recently assumed role on American Idol. You may not love Steven Tyler, but love playing pranks on your friends. Either way, the new Steven Tyler iPhone app AppSoLewdly is fun, entertaining, and worth every penny.

With AppSoLewdly you garner an element of backstage access into Steven Tylers life, including uncensored and self made videos, photos never before released to the public, and potentially the best part, a slew of sounds, inclusive of a digital sound box stocked full of “Tylerisms.”

So get your friends on the phone and enjoy the ensuing hilarity as you toy with their emotions playing digital sounds from your AppSoLewdly app and listen to their attempts to converse with Steven Tyler.


Evernote 4 iPhone app

Evernote 4 –  Free

Evernote has long been a favorite, and we rather enjoyed utilizing this service, both web based, and as an app. However, we must share our applause with Evernote, as they did not rest upon their laurals. Rather, they released a full fledged upgrade this week, and it is fantastic.

As we outlined several days ago in our Evernote iPhone app review, Evernote enhanced their iPhone app with a robust and upgraded home screen. They also implemented a new function that we love, entitled “Snippet,” thus allowing users to view a portion of their notes.

With enhanced search features, a new GUI, and an overall overhaul, Evernote graced us with a splendid update.


Can Knockdown iPhone app

Can Knockdown 2 $ .99

Ah, the smell of cotton candy, the allure of the clowns, the memories of a summer’s fair. Of course none of this would be complete without spending your last dollars on fun carnival games.

Can Knockdown 2 will help you relive the excitement and challenge of the quick paced carnival game wherein you knock down cans, however, they step it up several notches with fantastic graphics, special effects, oh, and you can knock down much more than just cans! Take your aim at targets, bulls-eyes and more.


Parker iPhone app


For those who have ever braved, and survived, Los Angeles traffic, our hats go off to you. However, your battle is only half over, as you now must try to find a <gulp> parking space!

Parker iPhone app is designed to take the stress, and death grip, out of your daily commute.Parker will aid you in locating available parking spaces throughout the city of Los Angeles, with over 286 parking spaces working harmoniously with Parker app at this time.

To aid in making the parking process even easier, you will find that Parker has ParkNow technology, allowing drivers to establish an account and utilize the ParkNow meter service. ParkNow allows you to charge your credit card for the parking payment simply by calling or texting their number on the parking meter!




Super Slobber Dog Puts Quirky Twist on Classic Games

Reviewed By A. Papachristos

Super Slobber Dog - Sheep Haus Productions


Price: $1.99

As gaming becomes more advanced, enthusiasts seem to crave more story and adventure than the classics ever offered.  But with Super Slobber Dog , co-produced by Sheep Haus Productions and Dangerous Games, users experience the best of both worlds. Super Slobber Dog is an out-of-this-world game that mixes the allure of Pong and Brick Breaker with the intrigue of a Saturday morning cartoon.  This challenge breaches both time and space, truly linking the past with the present in more ways than one.


With a bit of magic and a lot of time travel on his side, the star of the game – a slobbery puppy – must outrun the 10 evil dog-nabbers that are chasing him through time.  Originally residing in 1941 Germany, our puppy protagonist was captured by what appears to be evil Nazi scientists, stolen for some mysterious purpose.  However, by some magical twist of fate, the puppy disappears and travels through time until the present day, where he then meets you.

As a small boy simply playing in his yard, you are stunned when the universe drops not only the puppy, but his 10 evil enemies as well, right in the middle of your neighborhood.  Saddled with the task of helping your newfound, furry friend return to his original time and place, you two embark on a journey that employs classic gaming as your battle strategy.  With 10 levels of slobbery struggles ahead, you must outsmart the villains in order to proceed and succeed.

Game Play:

Upon startup, you will find the main menu displays few buttons: Play Game, Reset Game and a gear icon that links you to the Dog Owner’s Manual.  The manual features tips for game play, including the benefits and possible consequences of bark matter, dog toys, holes, and fire hydrants.  Users may also access the Memories page, which houses all the unlockable cinematics available within the application.  The first video, which also serves as the introduction video once you begin your first game, simply explains the premise of the game.  The remaining videos will become available as you progress through the game.

To start, choose a level.  Because this will be your first run-through, you won’t have much choice but to start with the only unlocked level.  The video plays to explain the back-story, and then Round 1 shall commence.  Your first opponent, sadly, is your own mother, who seems disgusted by the puppy’s slobbery ways.  You must battle, winning three of the five rounds in order to move to the next level.  The controls are exactly like Pong, the classic arcade game.  And though many adore Pong, this battle style starts things off extremely slow, and only continues when you encounter the dog-nabbers in the next round.  The slow start might be discouraging for those who want to get to the more exciting action but if you hang in there you will find plenty of action in later rounds.

Super Slobber Dog iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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LotBraining Offers Great Potential for Personal Development and Growth

Reviewed By A. Papachristos

LotBraining Mental Training for Personal Development - LotBraining GmbH
Price: $9.99

Before we can work on making the world a better place, we all must work to make ourselves the best people we can be.  This means teaching ourselves to become and remain confident, motivated thinkers who believe in positive change for the greater good.  With LotBraining Mental Training for Personal Development by LotBraining GmbH, users will use the mental training techniques developed by over a decade of coaching and training experience within NASA’s space exploration program.


Users will begin with a screen featuring a spinning wheel with seven colored triangles that indicate the different training areas: motivation, success, joy, relaxation, health, confidence and courage.  The tool icon in the bottom left corner allows users to set reminders or adjust settings.  The ‘i’ in the bottom right corner provides users with a basic overview of the application, the method and its background.

The wheel allows users to either choose a specific area or to spin and land on one of the seven areas randomly.  Designed to help streamline one’s mental processes, these strategic areas help users focus and develop as individuals, providing mental support while mastering life’s most important situations.

Tap the arrow at the top to reveal the area’s menu, allowing you to either pick Test or Training.  Training features an explanation of the category’s importance and a menu of its own.  Start Training, Training Guide and Settings are self-explanatory, while My Positive Thoughts provides users with a notepad to jot down any ideas that may have been running through their mind while training.  Test leads users to a quiz that gets them thinking about how they truly feel about certain situations.  Users can take the quizzes as many times as they wish to see how their training has progressed, for your answers will result in a percentage score labeled on the wheel.


While LotBraining offers so much, and the principals have proven to be quite successful for NASA, I do believe that such techniques and their success can only be judged on an individual basis and that one must be committed to change before such actions can succeed.  The reminders are designed to help you maintain your training plan, while the pulsating symbols used during training are meant to help users concentrate on only positive thoughts.  LotBraining seems like a handy aid, though you will have to put forth a great deal of effort, so be sure you’re prepared for the challenge of change.

LotBraining iPhone app [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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LA Drivers Shed Tears of Joy by Accessing Parker

Parker iPhone app review

Parker - Streetline, Inc.

Price: $1.99

If you are a city driver, chances are you battle with parking meters. They aren’t around when you need them and, chances are, you can’t find enough spare change to feed the darn thing. What’s a city driver to do?

If you have an iPhone, you may be able to avoid this daily disaster. Hollywood motorists, in particular, are now quite overjoyed to hear that a new iPhone app, known as Parker, allows them to locate parking spaces throughout the city.

Parker Functionality:

The premise is quite simple, actually. The iPhone user pays a small app charge ($1.99) for the “Parker”
app. Then, when they need to find a metered parking space, they simply refer to their “Parker” app to find the nearest parking space. Plus, this cool new iPhone app allows motorists to locate parking meters that can take credit cards, so there’s no sticking your hands down in the seats of your car, hoping to find a few spare quarters.

There are currently 286 metered parking spaces that work in conjunction with the “Parker” iPhone app throughout the Hollywood district. The “Parker” app should be available to Android users soon.

In addition to the “Parker” app, many of today’s new “smart” parking meters allow individuals to pay for their meter using their smart phone. Called “ParkNow,” this new technology allows motorists to first create an account and provide them with a credit card number. Then, they need only find a “ParkNow” meter to use the service.

Motorists can charge the meter to their credit card simply by calling or texting the phone number on the parking meter. When they are ready to leave the parking space, they need only log off the meter, thereby allowing them to pay for only the time used. In addition, this service also alerts motorists when they are nearing the end of their parking period, as well.

The “ParkNow” feature is available for drivers in Hudson, NY, Decatur, GA, and Montgomery County, MD. The transaction fee for “ParkNow” is quite affordable at just 25 to 35 cents per use. Another great advantage to using “ParkNow” is that motorists can print out a record of their monthly parking expenses for business, tax or personal reasons. There are several other companies across the country getting into the “smart” meter game, including Park-by-Phone and Verrus.

Parker iPhone app [ iTunes ] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Fingertrap Finds Electronic Equivalent, Makes You Digitally Rich

Fingertrap - Mindfruit Interactive

Reviewed By A. Papachristos


Price: $.99

Children always happen to become fascinated by some of the simplest toys.  One classic, the Chinese Fingertrap, immobilizes one’s fingers, leaving them no choice but to manipulate their own escape.  And though you can’t physically shove your fingers into you Apple device, Fingertrap by Mindfruit Interactive occupies your hands in a similar fashion.  With Fingertrap, users must keep their fingertips in place, tugging at the trap constantly while they use a third finger to collect redeemable coins.  The longer you keep your fingers in place, the higher your score will be, and the more coins you will have the opportunity to collect.

Game Play:

When you begin, you will be immediately guided to put two fingertips, one at either end of the trap, on the screen.  (I could fill you in on a little secret maneuver that might make game play a bit easier, but I’m sure you’ll all have more fun figuring out this simple timesaver for yourselves.) Tug and don’t lift your fingers any sooner than you need to so as to ensure the highest score you can personally achieve.

The counter at the bottom of the screen indicates your increasing score.  After a short time, you will notice a coin fly into the air, then another, then a whole bunch at once.  Tap these coins to gain play money you can use in the Trapbucks store.  Each coin is worth one digital dollar.  However, be sure to watch for bombs as the coins become more plentiful, for accidentally tapping one of these sneaky bombs will detract twenty-five dollars from your monetary total.


As you gather money by collecting coins, you can redeem your dollars for one of the fingertrap enhancements available in the Trapbucks store.  You can buy the Exercise Dynamo ($25), Copper Fuel Engine ($50), Gold Plated Chassis ($100) or Space Travel Module ($300).  Each works to increase you score, aid your coin intake and enhance overall game play.

Unfortunately, however, once you’ve collected enough money to afford every enhancement, the game almost feels like its loses most of its purpose.  Surely, you can still play to beat your highest score again and again, but collecting coins becomes nothing more than an empty challenge.  Fingertrap’s simplicity is part of its allure, but its limited progression is its biggest drawback.  Perhaps future updates shall bring even more trying challenges for those who have done all they can with what’s currently offered.

Fingertrap [ iTunes ] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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