The Little Mermaid Comes to Beautiful Life

The Little Mermaid - Auryn - Auryn Inc.

The Little Mermaid iPad app review

Reviewed by Grace Light

Breaking News / Just Released: Introductory Price $.99
Score  9.5   / 10

I must first and foremost disclose my bias for this iPad app review.  The Little Mermaid by Disney was my favorite movie as a young girl, and I knew every single word of the movie by heart.   However, Auryn’s The Little Mermaid, illustrated by the renowned artist Lisbeth Zwerger, makes Disney’s version seem like a mere finger painting.  If only the Little Mermaid I knew as a child looked like the world Lisbeth Zwerger has created, the girls from my generation would all have a more refined art sense!

Inspiring Interactivity: 9/10

Auryn’s innovative book apps have always taken full advantage of the powers of the iPad, transforming the traditional 1D reading experience into a multi-sensory, interactive adventure – and The Little Mermaid continues in this tradition.

As soon as you open the app, you are transported to a dreamy, underwater world, where you literally hear water surrounding you and see water rippling through the pages.  Imagine reading your favorite book, enveloped by the warm sparkling waters of the ocean.  It is any little girl’s dream come true, even for this nearly-30-year-old app reviewer who always wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween!

Reading Experience: 10/10

The ambiance of this iPad app is remarkable, with a dreamy world only Zwerger can create with her whimsical ambiance and soft watercolor creativity.  For any parent who has held hesitations about “reading” to their children on their iPad, The Little Mermaid app makes a believer of any skeptic.   Auryn has the storyline leaping off the pages (including the beautiful “guide” fish that help you turn the pages), taking the experience of reading to the next level of enjoyment.

Graphics: 10/10

Many of Lisbeth Zwerger’s illustrated children’s books have become collector’s pieces – and for very good reason.  I deeply enjoyed the experience of being immersed in The Little Mermaid, which is Zwerger’s first book to appear on the iPad.  The images are so beautiful that I wanted to take a screen shot so I could hang the graphics on my wall.

Whether you are a parent or just a lover of beautiful art, download Auryn’s The Little Mermaid iPad app.  If you hurry, you can take advantage of the $.99 special they are generously giving their debut weekend!

The Little Mermaid [ iTunes Link ] requires iPad iOS 4.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this iPad app review

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iTabo – Because Every Word is Worth its Weight in Gold

iTabo app review

Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

iTabo - Micha? Parpura


Price:  $.99   Rating: 9/10

You’re telling me my job is to make you say the word CAT?  That’s easy!  But I can’t use the words MEOW, KITTY, WHISKERS, FELINE, or PURR in doing so!  That’s hard – and it’s hilarious!  I find myself muttering words such as  “four legged animal,” um,  sofa scratcher!  uh,  poops in a box, let’s se, king of the home jungle?  I sound like an idiot!  But I’m a smart idiot!  My team won!

iTabo by Michat Parpura is a great word game app that is lots of fun!

Fun Factor  9/10

Let the laughter begin!  The funniest part of this game is watching your loved ones try and explain something with half their brain tied behind their back.  The concept is simple, you are given a word and you have to give clues to induce your team mate to say the word.  However each word comes with a list of forbidden words that you’re not allowed to use!  Because of the list of forbidden words each player has to think of completely different ways to describe the keyword and it is hilarious! If the keyword is too difficult you can skip to the next one, but this may cost you a penalty point or two!   And of course the clock is ticking, the score is close, and if you’re in my house the fate of the world hangs in the balance!

User Friendliness  9/10

This app is very easy to use as the touch menu commands allow you to zip through the game!  The settings are also very easy to adjust as you can increase the points it takes to win, change the round timer, and vary the amount of penalty points.  You can also turn the music and sounds on or off.  It is designed for two teams each with two players but regardless of your numbers it’s a great time!

Addictiveness  9 / 10

Watch out!  If you’re like me and you love to win (make that hate to lose!) you may not be able to put this game down so quick!  And when you play with other win lovers (lose haters!) the competition can get fierce, which again is a ton of fun!  By the way, if the keyword is ketchup and your opponent just points to the ketchup bottle that is sitting on the dinner table, that’s cheating right?  That’s what I thought!

iTabo [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this iPhone app review


Sexy Face – How to Turn Your Mate On!

SexyFace -


Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson


Price: Free  — Rating: 9/10

You know what they say, it’s the size of your nose that – wait.  Two dimples in your cheeks are better than – hold on.  Anyone with a prominent chin always has – no that’s not it!  With lips that full you know she –  never mind!  Come to think of it what does your face have to do with your sex life?  According to, everything!  This iPhone app offers sex life analysis based on your facial features! In fact, there is an entire website dedicated to this theory at

Fun Factor  9/10

This iPhone app should carry a warning – may cause phone to overheat!  You had no idea what was brewing behind all those innocent mug shots in your photo gallery!  Either by taking a fresh photo or by pulling one from your saved pictures, you and your mate, lover, spouse, or friends can have some temperature raising fun, that’s for sure!  After the picture you select or create is scanned then it is scoured over by Sexy Face’s highly scientific facial attribute and symmetry analyzer!  Hold on to your hats! (or your knickers!) because next comes the report!  Now depending on who you’re with this report is either an instruction manual for the evening or a daily horoscope for anyone you’re curious about.

Graphics  9/10

Did somebody say graphic!  At the beginning of the report you will be given (maybe assigned!) a few icons to peruse.  These icons recommend a sexual position or two (or three) that are a direct result of the facial features that were scanned.  How big is your nose?  As you scroll down the report a series of boxes will present themselves each with a specific trait and a few words about that trait.  Also the box will include a highlighted area of the face and a heart graphic that is either full, half full, or almost empty.  This seems to correspond to the trait that is touched on.  For example if ‘Vulnerability’ is a trait that comes in the report and the heart icon next to it is full, watch out!  This means your mate is extremely vulnerable and it might say something like “For one to reach heaven with her one must go through hell, one wrong move and it’s game over!”  And of course the whole app is draped in a sultry red background, just to add a little heat to the fire!

User Friendliness   9/10

This app is very easy to use, assuming you’re not nervously shaking as your seducer asks you to take her picture!  Otherwise it’s a matter of taking a photo or choosing a photo, and then pressing the scan button.  The report is automatically generated and can even be sent via email directly to your mate!  Now after the report is generated, how you use the rest of your evening is entirely up to you!!  User friendliness score: 9 out of 10.

Sexy Face [ iTunes Link ]  requires iPhone iOS 3.1,2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.


TrueCaller Brings Peace of Mind to the Technological World

Reviewed By A. Papachristos

TrueCaller, enhances your phonebook, and protects you from spam calls (LITE) - True Software Scandinavia AB

Price: $2.99 Rating: 9/10

Though most things are digital these days, one’s phone and address book can become quite a disorganized mess.  Add some unwanted, potentially harassing, phone calls, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for frustration.  Thankfully, TrueCaller by True Software Scandinavia AB provides users with an app that not only enhances your contacts list, but also blocks spam and unwanted callers, identifies unknown callers and allows you to search for any and all publicly listed numbers available in over 25 countries.

Major Features: 8/10

When you begin, you will find the main screen provides buttons to the three main functions: Update Phonebook, Search and Call Filter.  (Users may also choose to connect with directory assistance if experiencing issues.)  The phonebook, of course, updates your current phone data by automatically filling in any blanks in your contacts’ information, such as their address if publicly available.

Search, as previously mentioned, allows users to seek out any public number throughout over 25 countries, including the United States, France, Germany, Italy and Peru, just to name a few.  With others added continuously, the 100 million total perpetually climbs, with more numbers and data added daily.  Then, save these numbers directly to your phonebook, or track specific items with your search history.

But, best of all, TrueCaller offers a Call Filter, which utilizes their database of numbers previously marked as fraudulent or spam, presenting you with a blocked number notification if they attempt to call your device.  Compiled by the TrueCaller team, these numbers range from the well-known fraud callers to those added by numerous users.  Even better, users can block numbers of their choosing, meaning no more harassing phone calls from your crazy ex or that wrong number that still insists you are his brother.

Convenience: 10/10

Honestly, TrueCaller could not have fallen into my lap at a more advantageous moment, for I have been searching for a simple, effective way to block a few phone numbers myself.  In fact, TrueCaller may even double as a stress reliever, for not only is the application itself exceptionally intuitive, but its protective features remove the annoyance of spam callers, as well.  With such easy blocking methods, I now have peace of mind that, every time the phone rings, it’s either important, or someone I cannot wait to talk to!

For those who wish to try out the basic features, the lite version allows users to perform 10 successful searches and update 10 contacts per month.  However, if you enjoy the service, simply purchase the full version for unlimited access.

True Caller [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.


Newton’s Laws Teaches the Physics of Motion on Your Mobile Device

Newton's Laws - Reflare

Reviewed By A. Papachristos

Price: $.99   —  Rating: 9/10

Science doesn’t necessarily have to be something one learns from a textbook, for every lesson upon those pages can be found throughout everyday life.  From the weather, to car engines, to why things fall down, scientific lessons and phenomena are all around.  And now, with Newton’s Laws by Reflare, users can study the physics of motion with animated demonstrations of real-life applications.

Ease of Use: 9/10

This simple application takes all three of Newton’s Laws of Motion and plots them out in a way that allows users to see, touch and experience the motion first hand.  On the main page, users will find an intuitive menu that links to the first, second and third laws separately.  Users will also find links to Newton’s Laws Facebook fan page and Twitter account at the top of the screen.

Content and Information: 9/10

Newton’s Laws excels with its simple explanations of each law and its accompanying animations.  For every panel of description, users will find an animation at the bottom of the page that displays exactly what the law means.  Simply follow the prompts to watch balls move, demonstrating force and gravity in accordance with each law.  Each law has multiple pages, so users need only navigate by using the arrows that allow movement between the pages.  The demonstrations even feature reset buttons, so you may watch each graphic as many times as you desire.

Easier to understand than any textbook I’ve ever encountered, the concise explanations are only enhanced by the graphics.  While I do believe anyone could learn from the descriptions alone, the interactive animations truly help anyone at any age learn the laws of motion quickly and effortlessly.

Newton’s Law [ iTunes Link ] requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.


Super Crop – Easier, Faster, Smarter!

Super Crop Free - Feel Free Apps

super crop iPhone app

Reviewed By: Tommy Thompson

Price: Free — Rating: 8/10

It’s a candid shot!  Rarely does the whale watching trip get this close to an actual whale!  You pull out your iPhone and quickly snap a photo!  Before this picture goes out to the world on Facebook let’s take a look at it.  There’s the amazing whale, the beautiful ocean, the pretty sky, oh yes, and that little sea sick kid throwing up over the railing!  It’s time to crop!

Super Crop is a crop and rotating app for your pictures created by Feel Free Apps.

User Friendliness 8 /10

Super Crop is very easy to use!  Simplifying this app is the fact that there are only five buttons to choose from and four of them are self explanatory!  Once you’ve selected the picture you’d like to edit it appears with pull down arrows in each corner that you just touch and drag creating the desired area you wish to crop.  Or in this case crop off!  Once you’ve made the desired changes to your picture hit the crop button and viola!  you have a smiling whale and nothing else!  If you like what you see just hit save and your newly edited photo is saved to your library!  Your original picture also stays like it is in case you wanted to show that little kid later on!  In no time at all you will become a photo cropping wizard!

Controls 8/10

With this app you are always in control!  Once your picture is in the display area ready for editing, opposite corners will show double sided arrows which, as mentioned, are easily operated.  As you slide the arrows up or down a ‘new’ area will be highlighted by a red frame and everything outside the area is darkened.  Unlike the ‘Home’, ‘Crop’, ‘Rotate’, and ‘Save’ buttons, the ‘Options’ button takes you to a second screen that offers size and orientation choices.  Each command is highlighted in blue when selected.

Versatility 9/10

Super Crop is like a mini photo studio!  As your picture is in edit mode you may choose aspect ratios such as 4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10, great for standard print sizes, passports, etc.  Also while in cropping mode the frame’s resolution is displayed.   You also have the option of choosing landscape or portrait orientation and if needed you can rotate the picture.  Regardless of your editing this app maintains maximum resolution for great quality pictures!

Super Crop [ iTunes Link ] iPhone iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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