Latest Reports Put iPhone 5 Release in September – iPad 3 on the Way?

News Reported by Valerie Lauer


The latest round of rumors about the iPhone 5 release date as originally reported by Bloomberg news organization suggest the device could be in our hands in September.

Other dates have recently been bandied about, including a report of an August release from Boy Genius, and an October prediction from Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The good news about all these reports is that the time frame is relatively consistent. The possibility of an actual iPhone 5 release date before the end of the year is getting warmer by the minute.

Feature Updates

The latest report also includes some of the features Bloomberg’s anonymous sources say will be included in the iPhone 5. They say to expect an A5 processor chip, similar to the one currently used in the iPad 2.

Several conjectures about some serious camera updates are out there too. Bloomberg’s report says the iPhone’s rear facing camera will receive a hefty update, going from a 5 megapixel camera that the current iPhone 4 has to a much more powerful 8 megapixel camera. There is also a rumor that the 1 megapixel front-facing camera could be an astonishing 5 megapixels. Recent reports also suggest the phone may have dual flash capabilities.

iPad 3 Rumors Commence

Bloomberg’s sources also hinted that a higher resolution iPad 3 may be in the works. Details about the rumored iPad 3 are not quite as prevalent. Screen updates are projected to be similar to the iPhone 4’s current Retina display model.


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Zuma Seasons: New Twist on an Old Ball Busting Favorite

Zuma Seasons - Oye Faction

Zuma Seasons app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer


Price: Free

The perennial Pop Cap classic Zuma unleashes a whole new set of challenging boards and bold designs with Zuma Seasons from iOS app developer Oye Faction. This game, steeped in Aztec mythology, pits the evil eagle against the tortoise hero. Are you up to the challenge?


I went through a pretty serious phase of Zuma addiction while I was in college, and was very pleased to try my hand at the latest evolution of the game for my iPhone app review. The basic concept is the same. Create chains of three or more balls of the same color by shooting balls from the tortoise at a track. The track will populate with strands of disorganized balls. Shoot fast and destroy the strand before it reaches the gaping eagle’s maw at the end of the course.

Additional game play fun in Zuma Seasons iPhone app comes from two types of game play, “Adventure” and “Quick” and a fun set of boosts, such as bonus balls that can destroy sections of the strand and freeze time. There is also a whole new host of villains and challenges that try to interrupt the tortoise in its mission to save its children from the evil eagle.

The tracks are a bit trickier than I remember them from all those years ago as well. Twists, turns and tunnels are just the beginning of the challenges in Zuma Seasons.


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Announce your Baby’s Arrival in Style with Bambinapp

bambinapp - birth announcement - des p'tits bonheurs

Price: Free

Bambinapp iPhone Video App Review

bambinapp app review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Being a new parent is an amazing experience. There are dozens of things to do and take care of during those first precious, hectic days, including your band new bundle of joy. Let bambinapp, an iPhone app from developer des p’tits bonheurs, take one item off your list in a matter of moments. Create custom birth announcements as special as your little one with a few simple clicks with this handy iOS app.


Having helped my sister in law prepare birth announcements about a year ago, I felt up to the task of writing an iPhone app review on bambinapp. There are a few basic things everyone will want to include in a birth announcement, such as the newborn’s name, date of birth, length, weight and parents’ names. All of those features are built in to bambinapp, it’s the extras that really make this iPhone app shine.

Additional features include the ability to select from 30 different birth announcement templates. Templates range in style from bright and vibrant to classy and sophisticated. There are even templates for twins. There is also an editable text field on each template where you can use the standard announcement listed in the app or enter a custom greeting. Some templates support importing a photo right into the app.

All of those great features are in addition to the ability to share birth announcements from the app. Share your quick, easy announcement via e-mail, Facebook or save it to your phone’s camera roll to send as a message, print or transfer to a computer.


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Koder is the King Kong of Coding Apps

Koder - iCodeLabs

Koder for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick



Price: $5.99

Koder iPad app, by developer iCodeLabs, attempts to fill a code-sized void in the AppStore, offering a full-service code writing utensil aimed at industry professionals. The iPad app has a lot to offer any, and though it’s a tad expensive it’s certainly worth the ease of use and portability.


If you’re a programmer—whether you’re a weekend warrior or java-soaked cubicle-rat—then you already have a pretty good idea of what Koder has to offer. The iPad app sports a smooth code-editing interface from which you’re free to slap and dash lines as you please. Koder is more or less a glorified text editor to everyone else, but with one key difference: Syntax highlighting. The app supports just about every code language you can think of (Java, HTML, C++, Perl and even ActionScript3) and will gleefully highlight strings in your work zone. This is a fantastic way to keep code organized, and to prevent those maddening screen-blurred headaches.

Another cool feature that Koder offers is the ability to yank files out of just about anywhere. The app features full Dropbox, FTP, and iCloud support, as well as local file sharing. This means you’re free to edit your code no matter where it’s hiding. Combined with tabbed browsing and stellar file management, your projects will never be lost in the woods or out of reach. The app also features an excellent snippet editor that even comes preloaded with a few good snippets in multiple languages. There’s no debugger or compiler, obviously, but for on the run code editing you could hardly do better.


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Sneakerology: Helping You Get Your Kicks

Price: $1.99

Sneakerology iPhone Video App Review

Sneakerology is a brilliant resource for the sneaker-head in you. It offers street-smart resources about every shoe, shoe-maker, and celebrity model on the planet. The iPhone app also includes a nifty social-networking aspect, making it the all-out package for a shoe-fan like yourself. It’s got some room left to grow, but even now it’s the best shoe-feed app available on the market


Sneakerology iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

The iPhone app reviews rating:


Facebook Facelift for iPad Imminent

Facebook for iPad

Courtesy of Facebook


An official Facebook app may be hitting an iPad near you in short order, according to an anonymous source who spoke with New York Times blogger Nick Bilton.

Facebook iPad app rumors are getting a bit thick on the ground these days. In addition to the official iPad app rumor, there is also the fabled “Project Spartan” that pits Facebook against Apple in the app market, and a Facebook mobile site makeover utilizing HTML-5 code in apps that will optimize performance on the iPad.

Fellow iPad owners will agree when I say an optimized Facebook experience is long overdue. Several third-party applications such as Friendly and iFace have slipped in over the past year or so to fill in the void, but there is always room for improvement.

Expected iPad App Updates

According to sources, the iPad Facebook app makeover will include an optimized picture and video experience with high resolution, full screen images, and an option to upload directly from the iPad’s built in camera.


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