Mad Cows’ Maze: Run For Your Life! But Have Fun Doing It


Mad Cows’ Maze
Price: FREE
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mad-cowsThis isn’t something we get to brag about often, or really ever for that matter, but we abso-freaking-lutely love maze games.

Since childhood, I cannot count the number of hours I’ve spent with a pencil in hand, tracing my way through the book variety of the game. Thankfully, I don’t have to rip pages in frustration anymore.

Now, I can just use Mad Cows’ Maze, from Dariusz Bukowski, to get the job done digitally.  

Mad Cows’ Maze is an excellent fresh wave of fun and invigorating maze racing for the iPad.

It is enjoyable to play, perfectly designed for the iPad, and offers more replay value than almost any other game available for iOS. And if that’s got your interest piqued, head on down below the break for our full breakdown of the app.

Concept and Gameplay

As stated, Mad Cows’ Maze is all about mazes. It wants to give you maze after maze, and it wants you to run through them like the crazy arcade fanatic you are.

In fact, it makes sure you have plenty of opportunity, offering randomly generated mazes combined with enemies, power-ups and additional challenges.

Players will direct their protagonist by moving around the maze. In doing so, they’ll attempt to navigate the infuriatingly complicated setups in an attempt to reach the end goal — likely shoving themselves into corners along the way.

As mentioned, you’ll have to dodge opponents as you see them, but it goes beyond a Pac Man-style affair. Enemies will charge when they see you, creating even more panic and anxiety in the player.

It’s great fun, and we promise that any serious fan of mazes or even iPad puzzling will be pleased.  

There’s a lot of effort spent here to keep the gameplay fresh, and it decidedly shows. Every second of our time with Mad Cows’ Maze was spent frantically moving about, our heart racing. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Graphics and Layout

mad-cows-2Now, before we dig too much into the looks of Mad Cows’ Maze, it’s worth noting that the game does not bill itself as a full-3D, completely interactive paramount of the iPad’s graphics potential. And it shows: Mad Cows’ Maze has a decidedly retro look to it.

Now that we’ve said that, we also want to add that we genuinely don’t mind. The simplicity removes a lot of the clutter, and we have yet to experience any eye-strain because of the graphics.

It sets its own tone, but at the end of the day Mad Cows’ Maze is a solidly designed, easy-to-navigate maze game.

We don’t know about you, but we’re willing to give up some cell-shading in favor of the incredible, randomly generated action that’s held here.

Overall Value

Lastly, Mad Cows’ Maze is definitely boosted by the fact that it is completely free in the App Store.

There’s no downside to trying it, and if you’re a fan of the genre, we can all but guarantee you’ll enjoy what you find.

The game is endlessly exciting (quite literally) and offers more return value than just about any other app on the market.

All in all, Mad Cows’ Maze gets a solid 4.5 out of 5 from us, and a solid gauntlet toss to those that think they’re up for the challenge.

qrcode.30867818Mad Cows’ Maze requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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Apple Watch: The Promising Play Ground for New Apple Developers


Ever since Apple Watch stormed into the smartwatch market it continues to take over the popularity of all other brands in this new tech niche. Thanks to an array of great features and fluid user experience coupled up with the iPhone, the new device has quickly become a promising ground for app developers worldwide.

Surprisingly, in spite the incredible popularity it has garnered, the enormous potential of its tiny screen remains largely undiscovered by many developers.

Besides discussing here some crucial aspects that make a great Apple Watch app, we would like to also discuss some handy features that can be incorporated into apps for a smarter and more enjoyable user experience.

To our surprise, we have come across a gamut of Apple Watch features that still remain unknown to many users and developers alike. When incorporated into Apple Watch apps, however, they can altogether make the user experience far richer.

Let us first begin with the few crucial things to remember while developing apple watch apps.

  1. Interface that requires least interaction   

Reportedly, the first version of this watch was discarded by legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs on the grounds that the device still needed more than three clicks to get simple things done. Yes, one of the prime objectives of Apple behind this superb wrist device was reducing interaction to a minimum level. Here below are some aspects to consider in this regard.

  • On a tiny device screen too much interaction will only result in bad user experience and even irritation on the part of users. On the other hand getting things done with the least interaction and commands is perceived as a smart and desirable attribute.
  • On a smartwatch people do not like to concentrate for long and prefer to do things with just a glance and a sweep. To facilitate such quicker and simple interaction typical binary action buttons can be more effective.
  1. The app must be designed for Apple Watch users

Apple watch is no longer just an extension of the iPhone belonging to the same brand. With the increasing capacity and state of the art feature set of the Apple Watch its apps can now have an independent flair unlike most other smartwatch apps. So developers should offer apps that bear an independent character on the Apple Watch irrespective of their main apps in the bigger Apple devices. Replicating the same Apple apps for various devices is the biggest mistake on the part of developers.

  • Most smartwatch apps today have their life in close collaboration with their respective mobile apps. In many cases the apps presented on other Apple devices perform far better than their Apple Watch versions. This happens because separate development and design focus for the tiny device screens has not been given.
  • From notifications to navigation among pages, the apps should be separately designed for the screen size and other constraints of the device in mind.
  1. Design is crucial for that small screen

Lastly, Apple Watch, unlike iPhone and iPad, offers a tiny screen and watching and working with the apps on that tiny screen requires prominent viewing and a few considerations on look & feel. So, for achieving better interaction with your Apple Watch app, design plays a crucial role.

  • First of all, make sure that the color scheme offers a perfect contrast in the black background of the watch screen.
  • Secondly, make sure the layout, graphic elements and color makes a perfect balance and does not create visual clutter. A clean easily recognizable button and content layout will make better user experience.
  • Finally, do not forget that complementing the Apple Watch app with a great iPhone app is also a big requirement to boost the growth and discoverability. Until now, smartwatch apps including the Apple Watch apps could not be fully stand alone and so in design and feature set they should strike a common thread between them.

Apple Watch features that provide a more satisfying experience

While developing apps for this ahead of time smartwatch platform, developers should keep certain features in mind. By incorporating a few Apple Watch features in your upcoming app you will greatly improve it for the users. Apple Watch comes loaded with certain features that make it a smarter device for communicating on the go. Voice command is one such great feature that will let you command the watch without requiring any touch. You can just stream music right from your watch to the speakers and lastly, the watch offers an array of customizing options including the Force Touch to open the list of actionable options to selecting your preferred glances on the watch screen.

Author Bio:

Juned Ahmed is a head of marketing department at IndianAppDevelopers company, leading brand which offer mobile app developers for hire. Where he responsible for generating leads and develops business strategies for company. He enjoys exploring latest mobile technologies and taking on new challenges.


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Chess Dice is an Interesting Twist on Chess

Chess Dice
Price: $3.99
iPhone Game Review by

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Chess Dice is an interesting twist on chess that tests players’ strategy and problem solving skills. Even if you’re a chess wizard, this game is likely to challenge you.

It’s obvious that a lot of thought and development has gone into this game by Alexey Molchanov, but even so it would benefit from the addition of certain features. We think the price is a bit high for the full featured version so it’s worth noting that there is also a free version available.

Concept and Gameplay:

The goal of Chess Dice is straightforward, to capture your opponent’s dice, just like you normally would with chess pieces.

There’s a twist, though, because you can only capture dice if the value of your die is greater than the one you’re trying to capture. Values change depending on where your die moves on the board.

While Chess Dice provides a somewhat helpful text guide on how to play the game, I found the lack of an interactive tutorial to be very frustrating. Even up to writing this review I’m unsure of how to actually play the game. I found myself in positions where I should have been able to capture an opponent’s die, but couldn’t do so.

Chess Dice iPhone Game

Chess Dice iPhone Game

It’s possible that I’m just not a good enough chess player to easily slide into this game. But a well crafted tutorial would get even novice players up to speed and into the game so they’re able to fully enjoy it.

The overall concept of the game is good, though, so hopefully you’ll have better luck at figuring out Chess Dice than I did. If it clicks for you I’m sure you’ll really enjoy this game.

I do like the fact that players have a bit of control over the look and feel of the board, as well, and can control elements such as rotation and zoom.


As good as Chess Dice is, there are a few feature suggestions I have in order for the game to be even better. First, the aforementioned tutorial would be a great way to introduce new players who learn better by doing rather than reading.

Also, Chess Dice definitely needs online gameplay. As it stands right now you can only play against the computer or locally with a friend.

I think an online option/mode would be perfect for competitive players who want to climb up the leaderboards.


Chess Dice can be downloaded from the App Store for $3.99 and is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad. In terms of what you get, I definitely think this is a game would fare much better if it was free with IAPs or a $0.99 download.

Unfortunately the price is a major drawback and hopefully the developer can either drop the price to a more reasonable amount or add many more features to make it more compelling.

Editor’s Note: We’re happy to report that after the initial posting of this review we learned that the developer has made a free version available so players can try before they buy.

chess_dice.jpgChess Dice requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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Hamster Universe Takes Hamsters on the Trip of a Lifetime


Hamster Universe
Price: FREE
iPhone Game Review by

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

As someone who thoroughly enjoys tap-to-play games, I always like tapping like crazy in order to multiply my score and earn achievements.

Hamster Universe is a brand-new iOS game that is both incredibly addicting and fun to play. If your fingers don’t cramp up, that is.

Concept and Gameplay:

The idea behind Hamster Universe, developed by SneakyBox, is to tap as quickly as possible in order to earn as much energy as you can. This definitely sounds easy, but it’s tough to keep up if you play the game for a long period of time.

The nice thing about Hamster Universe is that you can spend energy on boosts such as clothing that adds a certain number of energy to each tap, therefore increasing your earning rate drastically.

It doesn’t take much time at all to go from a few energy per tap to hundreds, even thousands.

One of the tricks I’ve used with games like Hamster Universe is to tap the screen with up to four fingers at one time, and luckily the trick works with this game. Your hands get tired a bit quicker, but it helps earn energy faster.

In terms of graphics, I think Hamster Universe is adorable and is definitely well-designed. The sound effects are great, too, and really add to the overall positive experience of playing the game.


Hamster Universe iPhone Game

Hamster Universe iPhone Game

Hamster Universe includes tons of features for such a simple game.

For example, you can watch a short ad and double your energy rate for three hours. The game itself is supported by ads, too, but they don’t get in the way. It’s also not a “pay to win” game because you can’t simply buy credits to get ahead.

One of my favorite features of Hamster Universe is Game Center integration and players will love earning tons of achievements as they play the game.


Hamster Universe is available to download from the App Store for free and is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad.

There aren’t any in-app purchases that I could find, so you definitely shouldn’t be spending any real cash to get ahead.

Overall, this is a great game that’s addicting and fun to play.

I really like the fact that you can continue to earn energy even when you’re not playing, so you don’t have to worry about putting hours into the game in order to see any progress.

Hamster_Universe.jpgHamster Universe requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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7 Must-Have FREE Apps for Back to School

5 College Kids

7 Must-Have Free Apps for Back to School
Written by Sarah Hanlon

Ready or not, school is just around the corner. Yep, summer went by that fast and we can’t believe it’s almost over either.

However, as much as we’d like to planning out next road trip, it’s time to gear up and get ready for yet another amazing school year.

The iPhone App Review has compiled a list of 7 FREE apps to help you get back in the swing of things.

From finding your way around to keeping up with your homework assignments, this list is perfect for students of all ages and grade levels.


Back to School Shopping

shopsavvyShopSavvy (ShopSavvy, Inc. – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Free) – Whether you’re starting your first day in high school or you’re off to college for new adventures, you have to buy “stuff”. This includes clothes, supplies, and more.

If you’re living the college life, you definitely need furniture and basic furnishings.

While there are plenty of great deals during this time of the year, it can be tough to keep track of all of them.

ShopSavvy for iOS

ShopSavvy for iOS

ShopSavvy was recently featured in a comparison shopping app showdown here on The iPhone App Review, and it eliminated the competition pretty much across the board.

The app helps you find the best prices on whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a binder or a new computer.

ShopSavvy is perfect for budget-minded parents and students who want to make sure they’re getting the best price so their money can go just a bit further.


retailmenotRetailMeNot (RetailMeNot, Inc. – iPhone, Apple Watch, Free) – Similar to ShopSavvy, RetailMeNot also aims to help you find the best deals at the stores you shop at.

However, this app focuses more towards finding sales, specials, and coupon codes.

After all, there’s nothing better than having a shopping cart full of things and being able to instantly get a discount at checkout using your phone.

One of the things I like the most about RetailMeNot is that it features community-driven feedback for deals and coupons through ratings, so you have a good chance of knowing whether a deal is still valid.

The best part about both ShopSavvy and RetailMeNot is that they compliment each other incredibly well, so these are definitely two apps you have to have when you head out for school shopping.


Get to Class On Time

pocketPocket Schedule (Appxy – iPhone, iPad, Free) – A new school year means new classes, and it’s so easy to lose the schedule you’re given at the beginning of the term. That’s why an app like Pocket Schedule is a must.

This is a great way to stay on top of your class schedule without fumbling around for a paper schedule.

Pocket Schedule for iOS

Pocket Schedule for iOS

The best part about Pocket Schedule is that it isn’t necessarily just a class organizer.

You can also use the app to keep track of homework, which is perfect if you really enjoy the layout of Pocket Schedule and you’re looking for a simple way to track assignments.

Overall, Pocket Schedule is perfect for replacing that wrinkled paper class schedule so you always know where you’re headed next.


falconFalcon – Navigation for Colleges and Festivals (The Hatch Studios – iPhone, Free) – If you’re a college student, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find the building your classes are in.

This is especially true if you’re new to the campus. Falcon is an app built just for you and it’ll help you find your classes with ease.

While it’s certainly not the only campus map app available, what separates Falcon from the rest of the group is the fact that it has an active compass that helps guide you to your destination instead of using flat maps that can be confusing.

Falcon is even great for off campus events such as music festivals and it supports many popular events so you can find your way around there, too.


Stay on Top of Homework

homeworkThe Homework App (Eco Designs Ltd. – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Free) – Even though Pocket Schedule lets you track homework assignments quickly and easily, you might be searching for a dedicated homework planner for your studies.

The Homework App is an incredibly useful education tool for iPhone and iPad that makes it incredibly easy to track assignments and stay on top of your grades and performance.

This is definitely the perfect app for students who are wholly invested in staying on track.

Snapsolve for iPhone

Snapsolve for iPhone

What I love most about this app is that it gives you total control over your assignments and tasks you need to complete, making it much more effective than simply writing down the assignment name on a calendar.

The Homework App also takes advantage of iOS features such as Notification Center and even features Apple Watch compatibility.


snapsolveSnapsolve: Get homework help in a snap (Luma Education, Inc. – iPhone, Free) – Math certainly isn’t an easy subject, but it’s frustrating to come across problems that you just can’t figure out how to solve.

It’s more stressful to have to wait until the next day to ask your teacher or professor for help.

Snapsolve aims to fix the issue of unsolved and confusing math problems by allowing students to submit a picture of a tricky equation and wait for a member of the community to help them solve it.

Snapsolve is more than someone answering your homework questions for you, though.

Tutors provide in-depth explanations to help you understand the problem and learn from it, making you better in the long run.

The best part? You can submit any problem, from elementary algebra all the way to graduate level equations.


Have Fun with Friends

LivingSocial for iOS

LivingSocial for iOS

livingsocialLivingSocial – Deals on Restaurants, Spas, Hotels, Concerts and more (LivingSocial – iPhone, iPad, Free) – No matter what you’re studying in school, you need to get out and socialize on occasion.

If you’re like many students, you avoid doing so because you’re on a fairly tight budget.

LivingSocial is a great way to find deals on events, food, and much more. It’s also great for finding events that are going on in your area.

This includes fun trips to local attractions, too, so you can get out and explore the area around your campus without going broke.

Gone is the excuse that you can’t go out and have fun because you can’t afford it.

Plus, your friends will likely thank you if you tag along and grab a great deal that saves them money, as well!


7 Must-Have Free Apps for Back to School Published by



Conquer the World with Invasion: Online War Game


Invasion: Online War Game
Price: FREE
iPhone Game Review by

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Invasion: Online War Game is an exciting simulation game that challenges players to use their knowledge of battle strategies in order to conquer the world.

Although the app is currently available for free, a good number of in-app purchases to help you in your conquests are also offered through the iTunes Store.


Invasion: Online War Game, an app by Tap4Fun, is a play-to-conquer app that’s main premise is just as its name suggests.  

Players within this app are challenged to build their military presence to cover more and more territory, eventually taking over the entire world. Things within Invasion start small–building necessary parts of your first base–but the pace of the game increases after that.

Like most other military-based apps, many of the missions within Invasion are best accomplished with the help of alliances within the game.

Other features of Invasion include options to train up your military in order to improve your chances of victory in battle, as well as to collect intelligence on your enemies prior to invading them.

As a whole, even though there are many other similar apps to Invasion that already have strong followings, this app is still a great addition to the gaming collection of anyone who enjoys a good, competitive, challenging war game.

Appearance and Layout:

Invasion iPhone Game

Invasion iPhone Game

Graphics in Invasion are excellent.

The creators of this app made sure to pay attention to details, and this really shows in the appearance of this app.  

The in-game intro to the app is very detailed as well and gives you a good idea of what to expect while playing. First time users are walked through a series of introductory steps that are useful for knowing how to start off your mission-building experience, and these instructions are clear enough to make things feel do-ably simple, even for first time players.

As with most games of its type, the screen of Invasion tends to be pretty cluttered all the time; minimalism really does not have a place in this app.

This cluttered appearance, however, is part of the appeal of game like Invasion, as the “busyness” helps keep the momentum of the app moving at all times.


As mentioned above, Invasion: Online War Game is a free app. However, as also mentioned before, there are a good number of in-app purchases offered for “diamonds” that help make completing missions much more doable.

Overall, Invasion is a fun game that has a lot to offer its players.

Missions are numerous, keeping the game moving constantly. At the same time, sometimes it feels like making in-app purchases is almost necessary to get things moving faster, and this reduces the overall “value” of a free game somewhat.

Still, Invasion players can expect to enjoy a good number of hours (if not months) of exciting gameplay with this app.

Invasion: Online War Game is also available for Android 3.0+ from Google Play.

invasionqrInvasion: Online War Game requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

TheiPhoneAppReview’s rating:

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