Keep Your Medical Records in One Place with My Medi Recs

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My Medi Recs
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Keeping track of your medical history can be a daunting task, especially if you suffer from a chronic condition that requires you to to visit the doctor frequently.

Technology is advancing rapidly in the way of making your medical records readily available to you, but luckily there are ways to keep information at your fingertips.

My Medi Recs is a highly comprehensive medical record tracking app for iPhone that’s also incredibly easy to use.

Developed by FNJ Software, this app was specially designed for sufferers of rare or complicated medical ailments.

Concept and Functionality:

Whether you prefer comprehensive doctor’s notes, a handwritten journal, or other means of medical tracking, keeping everything together and organized can be difficult and tiresome. My Medi Recs was created out of necessity by a patient for patients as a way to keep tabs on treatments.

As stated earlier, My Medi Recs is incredibly easy to use and navigate. I really like the fact that the app puts everything on one menu.

This makes it very easy to locate specific sections so you can show a doctor or take notes. When it comes to entering and tracking medical records, you can be as vague or as specific as you like.

Personally I think you should take full advantage of everything the app offers in terms of tracking allergies, doctor information, diagnosis notes, etc.

It might take you a little while to get everything entered into the app once you download it, but it’s time well spent.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

My Medi Recs iPhone App

From tracking emergency contacts to being able to add photos to diagnosis notes, My Medi Recs has pretty much everything covered.

I couldn’t think of a single thing that it was lacking in terms of record-keeping, which is pretty impressive.

The well designed medical records app even includes a place for you to store links and other information pertaining to any of your ailments.

People who suffer from chronic conditions often spend a lot of time researching them, and I think it’s very helpful to be able to keep links and documentation in one spot.


My Medi Recs is available to download from the App Store for $9.99 and is designed for iPhone.

The price may seem a bit high at first, but as the developer notes, “A percentage (20%) of all profits are given to FMDSA and Scleroderma- therefore we, FNJ Software, would like to thank you for helping FMD and Scleroderma sufferers.”

In the end it all boils down to what you think the app could do for you. I do wish users could access a trial version to see if it’s right for them, but it’s a small price to pay for keeping all of your medical data in one spot.

My Medi Recsmedi_recs.jpg requires iOS 10.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Sitrion ONE Is an Incredibly Powerful Business App and Service


Sitrion ONE
Price: Subscription
iPhone App Review by

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Great software is just as important to a business as its employees. Without a central hub for scheduling, communications, and payroll, it can be incredibly easy to lose track of everything.

Sitrion ONE is an incredibly powerful internal communications system for businesses big and small.

Created by Sitrion, Inc., this service makes it easy to make sure employees and management are on the same page.

Concept and Functionality:

Gone are the days of physical memos, printed handbooks and manuals, and paper punch cards. More and more businesses are taking the brave leap forward into the realm of all-in-one solutions like Sitrion ONE.

Instead of having a bunch of different systems to manage things like time clocks, scheduling, and documents, it’s much easier to have everything together in one place.

Sitrion ONE has tons of features, but it’s incredibly easy to use. I really like the fact that the app almost feels like social media for work thanks to the central hub. This is where the latest company updates, shift swap requests, and other announcements appear.

It’s easy to think that an app with so much going on would be clunky and difficult to use, but Sitrion ONE features seamless navigation, so employees and managers won’t have any problems getting to where they need to go.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Sitrion ONE iPhone App

Covering everything Sitrion ONE offers would take quite a bit of time, but it’s important to know that the app and service will definitely function as the heart of any human resources department.

With the touch of a button, employees can easily clock in or out of their shift, see their work schedule, track work-related expenses, and request time off.

The service goes beyond timekeeping by allowing employees to communicate with managers directly, even letting them submit questions or share great ideas with the rest of the company.


Sitrion ONE is available to employees to download from the App Store for free, but your company will need to have a subscription and a valid corporate email address in order to use the service. This requires your company to have Sitrion ONE set up.

Overall, Sitrion ONE is an incredibly useful app for anyone whose workplace utilizes the service. Even if your company isn’t using advanced HR software, it’s definitely worth considering.

Sitrion ONEsitrion_one.jpg requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Legend of Abhimanyu Is a Visually Stunning RPG for iPhone

LoA – Legend of AbhiManYu
Price: $4.99
iPhone App Review by

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

iPhone games can be as simple as pick up and play puzzle games or as deep and complex as a fun RPG.

No matter what your preferences, there are plenty of games to try. Sometimes you may even surprise yourself!

Legend of AbhiManYu is a visually stunning RPG that is both immersive and challenging to play.

Concept and Gameplay:

Legend of AbhiManYu, developed by ACY Entertainment Ltd., is one of those games that sets the bar higher for everyone else who follows.

It’s a unique game because it blends lore and entertainment together. It’s based on the ancient Hindu warrior who wielded a bow and sword while fighting in the Mahabharata war.

When I first opened Legend of AbhiManYu for review, the first thing I noticed was the incredibly sharp graphics. Personally I hadn’t seen anything quite as detailed since my days of playing Infinity Blade.

This particular game is unique because it allows you to choose your weapons based on gameplay situations; you’re able to defeat foes up close with your sword or pick them off with your bow.

While I can’t say enough good things about visual appeal, Legend of AbhiManYu also goes above and beyond when it comes to actual gameplay. Instead of levels that are completed as quickly as they load, you’re taken through multiple stages and scenarios in each level.

This is great because it means that you won’t be able to pick the game up and play through it within an hour. However, it does mean that the game gets very challenging.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

LoA – Legend of AbhiManYu iPhone Game

Perhaps my favorite thing about Legend of AbhiManYu is the combat style. Having the freedom to choose between different weapons is something that’s normally reserved for non-mobile games.

Using your sword is a great way to hack and slash your enemies, but the archery aspect of the game is even more fun. When you activate your bow, the game freezes and you can target enemies one by one (up to five). When the game resumes, your enemies are defeated if your arrows were placed strategically.

Legend of AbhiManYu features 15 levels to play through, each contributing its own piece to the puzzle of AbhiManYu’s story. One of the most frustrating things about games like this can be losing your progress, but you’ll be happy to know that it supports iCloud syncing so you shouldn’t lose your data.


Legend of AbhiManYu is available to download from the App Store for $4.99 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad. This is a very cool game and one that I feel the whole world will enjoy.

LoA – Legend of AbhiManYuloa.jpg requires iOS 10.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The iPhone App Review’s rating:

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6 iPhone chat apps you should download today

Chat 1

Everyone uses their phone to chat with friends and family. Sure we use our phones to make calls, which remains the central feature of every phone, but there are so many other features that are becoming more widely used than the calling itself.

Messaging has become an extremely popular and inexpensive medium to stay in touch with loved ones. Just look around you when you’re in a restaurant or bar, it’s very likely that half of the people will be busy messaging someone on their phones.

From big businesses to 13 year olds, everyone uses messaging platforms for different reasons.

Thanks to a ton of app developers out there, our choices are endless when it comes to chat apps. Luckily, most of them are free and have a ton of useful and unique features. Here we’re listing 6 of the best:


There is a reason why over 1 billion people worldwide use this app and why it was bought by Facebook for $19 billion. It is extremely easy to setup and use and is designed to be similar to the native messaging app on your iPhone.

Because it’s free to use and also ad-free and feature rich, it has become a favorite for the majority of people. Users can send texts, videos and image messages, documents and voice notes to other users around the world either separately or in-group chats.

Recent updates have added features such as voice and video calling too. Making international calls couldn’t get any easier!

It is great for privacy as there is complete end-to-end encryption between users. The WhatsApp Web feature lets users send and receive messages from their computer browser.



Skype is the second most used chat app across the globe. Besides offering free voice and video calls, it also includes a paid option that lets you call on any number, even non-Skype numbers and landlines anywhere in the world.

Moreover, you can also use the app for chatting purposes if it’s not convenient for your contacts to have an audio call with you, or if you are in a rush and simply want to get a message across. It lets you send text messages, photos, audio and video files.

What’s more, since the past two years, Skype has become even more alluring for workplace communication with its new feature Skype for Business. According to Microsoft, it is “a complete, enterprise-grade communications solution at global scale as part of Office 365.”

The app is also a good substitute for FaceTime due to its cross platform functionality (available for all mobile devices, PCs and even TVs) allowing you to message or video call anyone in the world using any device. It has support for group video calls too, for up-to 25 people.


Facebook Messenger

This is an official Facebook app for users who don’t really want to waste time on Facebook, but want to use it to stay in touch with other people. This is one of the best and most useful messaging apps available on the internet simply because of Facebook’s large user base. You can message any of your hundreds of friends on Facebook and also those in your phone’s contact list.

You can send voice messages, photos, videos, smileys and many unique stickers and emojis. Voice calls are absolutely free all over the world. You can even use Messenger without a Facebook account by just adding numbers and contacts manually. The app is free but there are paid stickers available.

You can activate your location to let your friends know if you are nearby and you can alter app settings accordingly to let your friends know if you are available to talk or not. You can just click on a contact while talking to them and the app will direct you to their Facebook page from where you can take a glimpse of whatever is going on in their lives.


Kik has over 300 million users and is one of the best messaging apps available. You can send text messages, pictures, videos and even self-drawn sketches. You can edit pictures in the app itself and send them as memes.

The best thing about the app is that it protects your privacy. You don’t have to share your phone number or email address with anyone, just your user-name. You can have one on one or group chats and can also make new friends.


This is a free all in one messaging app. Unlike other apps, it’s not a dedicated messaging service, but instead it combines all the features of the various social accounts (such as Messenger, Skype, Facebook) and presents them to you in one platform.

This app also lets you send pictures and audios but the multimedia messages are first uploaded to IM servers after which the link is then sent from one user to the other.

Multimedia files can be automatically re-sized if you want to save data. The ’pro’ version comes with a ’neighbors’ function that allows you to find and communicate with new people in your area, who share similar interests. The app has Peer2Peer encrypted messaging to always assure privacy.



Twitter isn’t an app specifically made for messaging or chatting, but it is good at it. Everyone knows you can send out 140 character tweets which is a really interesting (and creative) way to communicate with your friends and family.

What’s unique is that you can even connect with people you don’t know if they share your interests. In theory, you could even message your favorite celebrities or other influential people and they could reply.

Besides sending directed tweets to communicate, you can also DM (direct message) them. Direct message lets you have a private chat with anyone and gives you the ability to also send multimedia files. A unique feature is that it gives you the option of live streaming videos too with the periscope button which you can share with everyone who follows you.



ABOUT Audrey Throne

chat 2Audrey Throne is a mother and a professional blogger by choice. She has completed her masters in English literature from university of Birmingham. As a blogger she wrote quite a few posts on health, technology as well as management. Currently, she is associate with citeninja Team.


Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne.





Snag Awesome Deals While Exploring Your Town with Savelings


Price: Free
iPhone App Review by

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

I’m definitely no stranger to trying to track down the best deals and coupons. It’s a weekly habit that sometimes feels like a chore. What if there was a way to turn the tedious task of collecting coupons and deals into a game?

Savelings is an awesome free game that turns bargain hunting into a cool fun game.

It’s a unique combination of Pokémon Go and your favorite coupon app and lets you play for useful deals in your local area. Plus it encourages you to get out and explore!

Concept and Gameplay:

If you’re like me, you probably have the same amount of skepticism I did when I first heard of Savelings, by Savelings Inc. A game that can actually save you money and encourage you to get out and about seemed way too “out there”, and I’ve seen quite a few games in my time as a reviewer.

However, Savelings definitely delivers. Similar to Pokémon Go, the game uses your actual location to display eggs on the screen. You need to travel within range of an egg to tap on it, which starts a mini game.

In order to unlock the coupon that’s inside you must carefully aim your slingshot and crack it. This took me a ton of tries and is definitely not easy. Once you hit the egg, you’re presented with a coupon that’s relevant for a business in your local area.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Savelings iPhone App

Savelings is a free game, but that doesn’t mean it skips out on cool features that make life a bit easier. For example, earned coupons are stored within the app so you can quickly access them when you’re ready to use them.

It’s tough to say exactly where Savelings sources its coupons and deals, but it looks like there are a multitude of ad networks that can easily sign up with the service. What this means for you is that you’re way more likely to find deals for a wide variety of businesses in your area.

On a side note, as a frequent player of Pokémon Go I did notice that eggs seem to pop up in similar areas to Pokémon. This might be a complete coincidence, but it’s something that I took notice to when reviewing the game.


Savelings is available to download from the App Store for free and is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad. One of the really cool things about this game is that it is not supported with ads or in-app purchases.

Instead of having to spend money, Savelings is a unique opportunity for you to save money while getting out and exploring the neighborhood.

You’re way more likely to discover cool new businesses in your town simply because they are offering a really great deal on a product or service.

savelings.jpgSavelings requires iOS 8.0 or newer and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

The iPhone App Review’s rating:

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A Closer Look at 7SultansCasino mobile

(Sponsored Post)

7sultans Casino offers a themed gameplay website and mobile app that allows players to indulge in their love of slots, table games and even live poker through a safe site with top level security.  The website can be played both on desktop devices and through a mobile download so can be enjoyed wherever you are.

The games

The main website offers over 700 different games for players to try while the 7sultans mobile casino offers an impressive 90 different games specially designed for the format.  The games include slots, table games and scratch cards as well as casual games.  The table games section includes classics such as blackjack and baccarat while there are also versions of the games from around the world, such as the Vegas Downtown Blackjack.

There is also a Video Poker section where players can enjoy a real casino style experience.  There are many different variations here to try something different including Louisiana Double and Bonus Deuces Wild.


Promotions are a big area for online casinos and a way to attract players as well as keep them coming back.  With 7sultans, there is a new player bonus where you can receive up to five 100% deposit matches up to a total of $500.  On the first deposit, you will also receive either 25 free spins or 10 free credits, spending on which you would prefer.

The website also operates a monthly promotion that has a different theme and payout each month.  Past promotions included players winning a share of a $500,000 or $200,000 prize fund.  The promotion has a theme around the time of year to add a little fun and usually involves rewards for regular play.

In addition to their normal bonuses, the website also offers a Loyalty Rewards program for returning players.  All players who bet with real money are automatically entered into and the more you play, the more reward points you earn.  You can then use these credits to earn different levels of the program and better rewards.  These include birthday bonuses, monthly loyalty bonuses and special weekly promotions not open to other players.

Withdrawals and deposits

Putting money into a casino website and withdrawing it safely is another of the big areas that players are concerned about.  For 7sultans, there are a number of payment options available.  You can deposit and withdraw money through a Visa and MasterCard as well as through e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill.

Deposits are normally instant to allow you to play.  Withdrawing money can take a little longer due to the processing times of different companies.  Typically, e-wallets process payments in a maximum of 48 hours, though they are often instant.  Payments to cards can take 2-4 days depending on the bank.

Security and Support

Both the website and mobile app use the latest in digital encryption to protect player’s details when they log on.  This includes using a 256-bit SSL digital encryption – the same level of protection used by banks and other financial institutions to protect bank account information.  They also have a policy of not giving out any information about website users to any third parties.

7sultans Casino also offers several options for support.  You can use a Live Chat facility and there are phone numbers to call them.  There are also email, iMessage, Skype and WhatsApp facilities to speak to someone about any queries.


Whether you play through the desktop website or the mobile app, 7sultans Casino offers great quality gameplay with a safe and secure website that protects user’s details.  There are plenty of safe payment methods available to players can easily withdraw their winnings.

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