Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes Brings Great Deals to Your iPhone


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Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Whether you’re looking for a cute new outfit or a sexy Halloween costume, the Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes app will help you find it.

Developed by Ji Qing Zhang, this shopping app offers tons of clothing at incredibly discounted prices.

Concept and Functionality:

The goal of Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes is to provide users with a wide assortment of lingerie and Halloween costumes to choose from.

When you first open the app you’re greeted with a comprehensive menu that allows you to choose what to shop for, from costumes to dresses and more. So if you’re looking for something sexy to wear, or just a nice summer dress, this app has it all.

You can also quickly see what the top sellers are, which is great if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

When you’ve found an item or items you’d like to purchase, you can easily add them to the app’s shopping cart. Many items require specifics such as size and color, and Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes lets you easily adjust these options if they’re available.

Once you’ve picked out all of the items you’d like to order you can complete the order by adding a billing address and shipping address. Payment is completed through PayPal and you can optionally apply a coupon code if it’s available.

Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes iPhone App

Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes iPhone App

One thing I do want to mention is that it looks like items purchased from the app are shipped from China. While the app is very user friendly, and all the items look great, I can’t vouch for the quality of the product. As far as shipping goes, according to the companion web site,, shipping costs are modest and standard global shipping takes 7-10 days.


Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes includes a nice variety of features to enhance your shopping experience. If you choose to create an account within the app, you can save your address for quick and easy access later.

You can also track your previous orders. According to the app’s App Store page, Facebook login support was recently added to Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes.

Other than that, Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes is a simple and straightforward shopping app that lets users find what they’re looking for with ease. Everything is well-organized and categories are easy to navigate. Plus there are hundreds of items to look through.


Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes is available to download from the App Store for free and is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad.

There are no in-app purchases, ads, or anything of the sort. In terms of item value, it looks like the app offers everything at very reasonable prices.

Overall, Hot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes is an app that provides a hassle free shopping experience and is worth checking out if you’re looking for those particular items.

hot_sales_lingerie.jpgHot Sales Lingerie and Halloween Costumes requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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6 Apps for Turning your iPhone into a Virtual Newspaper

Girl Texting Up Close

6 Apps for Turning your iPhone into a Virtual Newspaper
Written by Macy Jones

News publishers very well understand today that smart phones are part of our everyday lives.

People hardly have time to read newspapers now, and they depend more on smart devices like the iPhone to catch up with what’s happening around the world.

Mobile-first is the order of the day along with syncing with the social media.

Conventional newspapers might have lost their edge, but news definitely has not.

Here are 6 top iPhone apps which will turn your iPhone into a virtual newspaper, which you can carry in your pocket and connect with the world on the go.

Whether you plan to catch up on what’s happening at the beach or on the train to work, you’ll be all set with any of these popular news apps.


  briefmeBriefMe (iPhone, Apple Watch – Free)

As the name of the app rightly suggests, BriefMe takes a brief approach at news.

It displays a brief headline of the most trending news across different news channels, which are divided into categories international news, sports, politics, entertainment  etc.

A user just has to tap on the desired headline to read the entire news.

It is a nice way to filter out the desired news. It also has a streaming feature which provides a photo alongside the news headline.


flipboardFlipboard (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch – Free)

Flipboard has marked its consistent presence at the app store, and there are strong reasons for it.

It is more like a personalized magazine which gathers user relevant news from social circles of user interest and presents it in a simple to use interface.

A user selects the news sources they’re interested in and once that’s done can flip through articles just like a magazine and share the liked ones on social media. A nice extra touch is the “Twitter” section where you’ll see tweets from those you follow.


breakingnewsBreaking News (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch – Free)

The evolution of Breaking News began as a Twitter account which used web as a source of important news and information.

It has now evolved into a fully functional app which tracks and posts all news from the Breaking News Twitter account with updates and a map which points the location of action.

In the 21st Century many news stories break first on social media and this app is on it. Human editors comb social media for important news items and bring it to you before traditional media outlets. You can even watch live streaming video from breaking news locations.

A tab called “Woah” takes the user to the most interesting news that is happening around.


timelineTimeline (iPhone – Free)

Timeline takes a different approach on news.

Instead of displaying the just latest headlines, it provides additional insight into the event by displaying a timeline associated with the topic showing you exactly how the story has developed.

This is a distinctly different approach and one that really takes advantage of mobile/online capabilities creating an immersive experience that’s hard to beat.

All events of the past of the story are displayed in the form of a timeline.

This way it provides a deeper understanding of the story and how it unfolded.


yahoonewsYahoo! News Digest (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch – Free)

Yahoo gathers important headlines of the day into two digests, that are delivered twice each day; the morning and the evening edition.

The order of the headlines is based on its importance. The concept seems pretty basic and concise. Plus with the US edition you also get atomized nuggets on a wide range of topics.

Color coding and icons are used to highlight various news categories. Icons indicate the presence of photos, videos, statistics, citations etc.

Each article has a separate well laid out page, instead of just a link.


news360News360 (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch – Free)

News360 is the latest addition to iPhone news apps.

It is available for the iPhone, iPad, MAC and also the Apple watch.

All a user has to do is to select his interests and the app will create news feeds based on those interests generating what is, in essence, a personalized news feed.

You can dig deep into the topic or just browse through the headlines. Drawing from over 100,000 sources, this news app comes highly recommended by industry insiders.


Author Bio:
Macy Jones is a Melbourne based App developer who knows innovative methods of creating iOS apps to cater to all kinds of users. Her other interests lie in reading and writing blog posts. Connect with her via Facebook or Twitter.


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Be Rewarded for Your Photos with PIQUK


Price: Free
iPhone App Review by

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

PIQUK is an interesting new spin on social photo sharing offering users a way to earn money from the popularity of their posted photos.


PIQUK, by FV Imagination, is a photo-sharing community that rewards its members for the popularity of their postings.

Specifically speaking, PIQUK users can expect to receive monetary payouts for their number of followers within the app, provided they accumulate enough followers. The current rate within the app is $0.01 per follower for a photo user, and minimum account earnings of at least $50 are required before a payout can be requested.

Once a payout is requested, your account earnings are reset, but your number of followers remains. Since the purpose of PIQUK is to increase the number of your followers, privacy settings that allow you to permit your photos to only be seen by a select audience are not currently available.

In addition to offering users monetary rewards for accumulating followers, PIQUK also offers all of the regular features of a photo-sharing app such as photo editing features and linking posts to Facebook and Twitter.

As a whole, the features of PIQUK seemed satisfactory, but it is worthwhile noting that generating enough followers to qualify for a payout seems like it could be pretty difficult.

Appearance and Layout:

PIQUK iPhone App Review

PIQUK iPhone App

The appearance of PIQUK is very similar to that of other popular photo-sharing apps. Users can choose to sort photos by “popular” and “recent” if they want to discover other random users of the app, and an option to search for members by specific user names is also available.

Navigating through the app to manage your account is easily accomplished, and an extensive FAQ section is covered in the app as well.

However, even though PIQUK is a photo-based app, the quality of the photographs that currently are posted by users within the app seemed in general to be of a lower quality than those that might be seen on Instagram or other photo services. The photos in PIQUK also seemed, on average, to be heavily edited, possibly to show off what the editing tools can do.

As with any social app, a large user base makes all the difference. We expect that as the user base grows it will increase the number of higher quality photographs within the app. Until then, the “appearance” of PIQUK will simply not be as good as it could be.


While PIQUK is currently available for free, in-app advertisements finance the monetary payouts of the app, and users can also opt to purchase a “premium” version of the app as well that enables them to use more exclusive features and to avoid seeing these ads altogether.

As a whole, PIQUK is an ambitious, interesting and unique concept for a photo-sharing app.

While it will not greatly appeal to anyone who prefers the “privacy” settings offered by other more popular photo-sharing apps, it may appeal to anyone whose primary goal for photos is increasing followers and earning some cash.

pikqrPIQUK requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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Pixsaw is a Fun New Way to Turn Your Photos into Puzzles


Price: Free
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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Pixsaw puts a fun new twist on sharing pictures that turns each photograph into a puzzle for the receiver to figure out.


Rather than just sharing regular snapshots, how boring is that?, Pixsaw, an app by Michael Luce, lets users “saw” up pictures into jumbled up puzzles, leaving receivers of the photos with the job of correctly reassembling the image.

It’s a fun new concept for a photo sharing app that we’d like to see catch on and garner broad adoption.

Only after images have been assembled can they be saved onto a phone/mobile device. Users in Pixsaw can choose between sending images in a low or a medium resolution picture.

As you’d expect, lower res ones send faster and use less bandwidth than medium options.

Best of all, generating your Pixsaw image puzzle is easy to do and the app is well executed.

However, creating a Pixsaw account first requires logging in to the app via a Facebook account. Although photos are never shared between the two services without your permission, it would be more ideal if linking the app’s account to your Facebook was optional (instead of mandatory).

Appearance and Layout:

Pixsaw iPhone App

Pixsaw iPhone App

This app’s appearance is very simplistic and will mostly appeal to the minimalist user.

This simplistic appearance does have its upside, however, making it very easy to use with minimal instruction.

The fonts used in Pixsaw can be easily read on smaller screens as well as larger ones, and no complaints can be made about screens being too cluttered at any one time.

All that being said, if a little more detail were put into the graphic design of Pixsaw it would probably be more visually appealing.

One final note, we think it would be awesome if these puzzles once completed, revealed a message from the sender. Apple Watch integration would be pretty cool too.


Pixsaw is definitely a fun concept for an app, and as its user base grows, its appeal will grow too.

However, it would be great if there were a way to invite friends directly to the app instead of having to find them through Facebook. We’re fans of this app and think features like this that would make it more readily usable for sharing with friends would make it easier to encourage friends to use it too.

The developers need to focus on broad adoption by removing any point of friction to using the app. They’ve already made it fun, now make it easy.

Overall, Pixsaw is a well put together app that users will enjoy, but ways to make its increase in popularity faster would definitely make it more fun to use.

pixsawqrPixsaw iPhone app requires iOS 8.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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HowBig for iOS Connects You to the Hunting and Fishing Community


Price: Free
HowBig App
iPhone App Review by

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Fishing and hunting are pastimes that countless people enjoy. The only thing better than catching a big fish or hunting an elusive trophy deer is showing off your accomplishment to friends and family.

What if you could share your hunt with like-minded individuals around the country?

HowBig lets everyone easily share their prize fish, deer, and more with others who also hunt and fish.

This mini social networking app includes plenty of features, from an event calendar to a comprehensive outfitter directory.

Concept and Functionality:

HowBig, an iPhone and iPad app by Sylvain Analytics, Inc, does a terrific job of accomplishing a very specific purpose; helping outdoorsmen and women connect with others by sharing photos, joining groups, and competing in events.

In order to use the app you have to create an account using your email address. The registration process is pretty simple and you’ll be exploring the app in no time.

HowBig sports an interface that’s easy to use and navigate.

The home screen view lets you toggle between member upload by day, week, month, and all time. You’re able to see the location of the upload, as well, which makes it fun to try and find great hunting and fishing spots nearby.

While HowBig is an excellent photo sharing app, it also includes an extensive outfitter directory that lets users find sanctuaries and more by state and animal.

This is great if you’re someone who likes to hunt or fish for sport and you’re looking for a way to find outfitters in a particular location.

HowBig iPhone App

HowBig iPhone App

I do want to mention that the developers are running a contest for the user with the highest rated photo within the app.

The winner receives a 3-day trip for two to Rancho De Chavez, NM for a buffalo hunting experience including meals, flight, transportation, and room.

This contest ends August 30th. In order to rate a photo you must double-tap it, then tap the stars.


HowBig includes tons of great features for all users, such as an event calendar that shows the location and details for hunting and fishing events around Canada and the U.S. I noticed that the calendar doesn’t include a filter feature, but you can use the search bar at the top to find events by state.

HowBig lets users interact with each other by double-tapping on photos to see additional details about a user’s catch or hunt. This includes weight, size, location, and more. You can even leave a comment on a user’s upload, which is definitely a plus.


HowBig is available to download from the App Store for free and is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad. There are no in-app purchases to worry about.

Overall, HowBig is a great app for anyone who loves hunting and fishing. It’s perfect for browsing what others have caught, exploring events, and finding places to go on your next adventure.

howbig.jpgHowBig requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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Top 10 iOS Apps for Runners

Sport is our life.

Top 10 iOS Apps for Runners
Written by Jim Desposito

Lots of people think about running, and some of those people actually do it. It’s not easy and, unfortunately, thinking about it doesn’t burn many calories or improve your muscle tone.

To really reap the benefits of running, and there are many, you have to get into a regime of working out that succeeds over the long haul. That is not a simple task, keeping up your motivation is hard, and running isn’t so easy either.

So how do you do it? As you might have suspected, apps to the rescue!

The apps we’re highlighting approach the challenge of running from different angles and do it in different ways, but they all have one thing in common; they do an excellent job of keeping you motivated and keeping you running.

No one app does it all and many of the apps have overlapping functionality.

Which one works best for you depends on what kind of running you do, where you’re starting from in your training and what you think will help you reach your goals.

Whatever you decide, there are a few points that you should be aware of:
1) GPS usage is a battery drain – a frequent warning included with these apps is “Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.” This doesn’t mean you should avoid the app, simply that you should be aware of this and plan accordingly.

2) Location Services   – apps should offer the option of using Location Services only when the app is in use instead of only providing the option of “Always” or “Never”.

If you see an app that you like and it doesn’t have this flexibility, we encourage you to contact the developer and urge them update the app.

3) Subscriptions – just because an app is free to download, that doesn’t mean it’s free to use. Many of the apps require you to subscribe on a monthly or annual runkeeper1basis to get the best and most useful options.

Again, this doesn’t mean you should avoid the app, just be aware of what your annual cost is likely to be.

OK, with that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are the Top 10 iOS Apps for Runners.

PS – We’re particular fans of the last app since it takes such an interesting and fun approach to motivating you.


runkeeperRunKeeper – free, iPhone, Apple Watch

This app will let you track your run pace, measure workout distance, chart weight loss, reach your training goals and more.

footpathWe like how simple RunKeeper is to use, which means that it will likely be used and hopefully you’ll find yourself running more and achieving better overall fitness.

This app has a lot to offer regardless of the level of training you’re at. So whether you’re just deciding to get off the couch for a 5k, biking every day, or deep into marathon training you can benefit from using RunKeeper.

One way to stay at it is to have an easy way to see your progress, and this app give you that. The feedback it provides over time is a great way to assess what’s working and what’s not.


footpathFootpath Route Planner, free, iPhone, iPad

Footpath is a great app for easily setting up your running route.

This app takes an interesting approach that we like quite a bit. Instead of focusing on recording the run you’re doing, it’s purpose is to keep you running by helping you avoid the boredom that can come by running the same route over and over again.

The app makes it very easy to lay out your route by simply drawing it. Footpath automatically moves your lines to the roads and trials it knows. You can also just indicate two points and have it give you the route connecting the them.

strava1A nice touch is the way it will show you the elevation profile of the route so you can assess the difficulty and maybe opt for a different route.

And, as with many of the apps we like, it makes it very easy to share and keep your running buddies up to date on your progress.


stravaStrava Running and Cycling, free, iPhone, Apple Watch

As the name says, Strava is an app that works well for both runners and cyclists, and is especially good for those actually competing.

This app is a combination of two apps that it previously offered, Strava for Running and Strava for Cycling. It let’s you track your runs or rides with GPS and does so quite accurately.

Besides mapping your route and tracking your pace, it also provides a wealth of other data, some that it estimates and some that it gets from various phone sensors such as: calories burned, elevation, average speed, max speed, and, if you wear a compatible monitor, your heart rate.

A feature of this app that we love and really sets it apart for competitive types is how it lets you join challenges and see how your running compares with your friends and your own best times.



vimaVima – GPS Run Tracker, free, iPhone, Apple Watch

Vima distinguishes itself by being a very effective GPS based tracking app for people who want to keep track of their running goals without all the frills.

If you’re looking for a very well-designed app that excels with it’s minimalist approach and simplicity, not to mention a very nice Apple Watch extension, Vima is for you.

You can easily keep track of your runs without a lot of distractions or unnecessary stuff getting in the way.

As with many of the better apps in this category Apple Watch integration is a huge plus.

While running you can just glance at your watch to see key data, such as distance run, current speed, how long you’ve been running and your current altitude to your Apple Watch.

In addition Vima goes further by letting you easily start, pause, resume, and save a run without ever getting your phone out of your pocket.


runtasticRuntastic Pro – $4.99, iPhone, Apple Watchruntastic1

Runtastic Pro is an app that goes well beyond running to help you with other training activities as well.

On those days that you’re working out instead of running, for example,

Whether you’re running, working out in the gym or just out enjoying the day (and getting some good walking in) Runtastic is monitoring what you’re doing and reporting back to you about it. You’ll also appreciate how it lets you manage your running tunes right from your wrist. Quite handy.

We’re big fans of the new user interface and like how the app works so well with Apple Watch.

It covers all the basics such as calories burned, distance traveled, time spent in the activity, average temperature based on your location, the route covered (plotted on a map using GPS) and has a slick new interface for making everything easily accessible.

You can opt for live tracking of what you’re doing and even add additional details when you’re done. There’s a lot to this fine app.


runmeterRunmeter – GPS Pedometer, free, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watchrunmeter1

Are you a fool for data? Do you want to know everything there is to know about your run? If you consider yourself a data nerd, this app may be just the ticket.

Runmeter is a powerful fitness computer and loves to show off what it can do using maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans and more.

It provides you with a very nice integration of the Apple Watch and does so with some terrific alternate displays, some more functional and others just more visually appealing.

It sports a clean easy-to-use interface that makes sure you can get at all the data your thirsting for. We’ve happy to say that while it collects a wealth of data about what you’re doing, it also gives you the options to manage what data you share and what you don’t.

As with many of these fine apps, Runmeter provides a free version, that may be all you need, but goes the extra mile (get it?) for those who opt for their Elite plan to access a host of advanced features. If you’re planning on using this app on a regular basis the Elite plan, at under $5 per year, is the way to go.


run5kRun 5k (GPS & Pedometer), $1.99, iPhone, Apple Watch

couchapplewatchThe name of this app really says it all and is perfect for anyone planning to complete their first 5K run.

If you are looking to get off the couch and start on a healthier lifestyle that includes running, this app will be a good fit for you.

Whether you plan to run indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two, Couch to 5K will keep track of the distance you run. For outdoor running it uses the built-in GPS and for when you’re on the treadmill is uses the pedometer that is part of the iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus.

It does a very nice job of extending its usefulness to the Apple Watch providing key information and functionality in a well-designed and attractive layout.

We especially like how the developers have really focused on the newbie by including features that while arguably useful for any runner, are very important to anyone just starting out. These include voice coaching, easy viewing and full details on the run including a map of the route

It also lets you easily track your progress over time which should also help in the motivation department.

Even though this app is $1.99 for the download, you can check it out during two weeks of the running plan and then, if you think it’s a fit, you can unlock the full plan with one simple in-app purchase.


springSpring – Workout Music, free, iPhone, Apple Watchspring1

If you find it’s easier to be active while listening to music, this app is worth checking out.

It goes well beyond just playing tunes on a iPod or iPhone and provides a very interesting and enjoyable workout experience via the 35,000+ handpicked songs in its library.

Using its Apple Watch extension, with just this one app you can control your music, view distance, pace, and time with directly from your wrist.

By synchronizing your movement to music you may very well find that you’re running or walking faster and further with the same effort than what you did without it. You’re probably already working out to your own playlist but with Spring varying the beat of the music to the intensity of your activity, you’ll experience it in a whole new way.

Let’s face it, running or working out is tiring (duh!) and can also get boring. Spring will provide you with that extra push to help you reach your goal.


runopiaRunopia, free, iPhone runopia1

This app is a relative new comer and approaches running from a much more social point of view.

The focus of Runopia is to connect you with other runners in the physical world. By hooking you up with runs, groups, and even coaches in your area it helps people motivate, engage and inspire each other.

Runopia doesn’t try to boil the ocean, it has carved out its niche and does it very well. It’s a simple app that will help you get involved with the running community nearby. Be it casual jobs or Olympic level training, you can use this app to find your running mates.

What’s really cool about this app is that not only can you find planned run in your area just about any day of the week, but you can easily take it up a notch by setting up your own runs and managing who can join in.


zombiesZombies, Run!, free, iPhone zombies1

We love this app! It takes a totally unique and creative approach to motivating you and is more fun to use than you can imagine.

Do you play zombie games? Are you a fan of The Walking Dead or the grandpappy of the genre, Night of the Living Dead? Well what if those menacing zombies could do more than just shuffle their feet, what if they could run as fast as you can?

It’s a fascinating premise and while a bit spooky, when you use this app we guarantee it’s the most fun you’ll ever have working out.

You won’t just hear the sound of an approaching mob or loud footsteps, you’ll hear guttural breaths, rattling groans and other sound effects that, once you stop laughing, will make you run, run, run!

We applaud the developers and the co-creator, award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman, for the premise, execution, and overall quality of this masterpiece.

Start your own zombie adventure, that includes playing songs from your own playlist and actually working your way though an immersive game, and live to talk about it. And by the way, if you don’t include Michael Jackson’s Thriller in your playlist we’ll be very disappointed.


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