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New Sokoban: Out With the Old, in With New Brain-Busting

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: New Sokoban Video App Review   New Sokoban iPhone app, which has been carefully crafted by developer Toni Sala, offers a fresh breath of Sokoban gameplay on the iPhone. Each of its fifty levels are brilliantly designed to tease your brain and relax your spirit. If you’re looking for the […]


Plane Rush, Head Rush: What’s the Difference, Really?

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: Plane Rush Video App Review   If you’re willing to overlook the fact that any pilot could be so negligent as to fly through a cave, Plane Rush, by developer JTM Mobile, offers a rush of difficult but entertaining gameplay that will have you bouncing off the walls—literally. How Does it […]


Bowl Em Hoops Offers Nets, Balls, and Lots of Finger Play

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: Bowl Em Hoops Video App Review If you were ever a kid—and odds are pretty good you were—then you most likely remember those carnival booths with an array of hoops at one end and a pit of balls at the other. The mad, ball-chucking hilarity that ensues is self-explanatory, and if […]


Search Out(side) the Box

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Search Out Video App Review   Search Out, by developer Fabrizio Bernasconi, offers heaps of solid Spotlight style search functionality for both the iPad and iPhone. Search Out includes several improvements to file hunting on iOS, but without email integration it’s not yet a full-out replacement for the iPad’s built-in […]


Exhaust Thing: Much More Than Just a Load of Hot Air

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Exhaust Thing Video App Review   Exhaust Thing, by developer FencingFleas, doesn’t just offer a punny title, but eight madly intense and fun-filled levels that are ripe for the picking with quirky gameplay and unique ideas. Exhaust Thing offers a wealth of material for the player to pound their way […]


Zap Phonics Reading Games: Say “Ooh, Aah!” for Literacy

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: Zap Phonics Reading Games Video App Review   With every passing week, I’m more and more impressed with the amount of quality educational apps available for the iPhone. And Zap Phonics, by developer Milk Drinking Cow, is no exception. The game offers a solid, if brief, step in your child’s language […]

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