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Paradise Island HD Gives you The Keys to Your Very Own Island

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: Paradise Island HD iPad Video App Review   Ah, sun, sand, sea, and the keys to the whole enchilada? That’s right sim-genre fans! It’s time to pack your sun tan lotion and business acumen as Paradise Island HD challenges you to build your very own tourist destination, cabanas, casinos and […]


Phone Drive Morphs your iPhone into a Portable Flash Drive and More

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Phone Drive Video App Review   The beauty of iPhone apps is their inherent ability to add functionality to the iOS by modifying the limitations and restrictions of the core OS. Phone Drive iPhone app, by Eightythree Technology delivers exactly what you would hope for in an iPhone app, and […]


ZOOLA Left the Barn Door Open to Learning

TweetPrice: $1.99 Rating: ZOOLA Video App Review   ZOOLA, by developer Best Kids Apps, doesn’t just offer a funny name, but a load of animal entertainment for your youngster. The app’s simplistic layout and ease-of-use guarantees your child will be entertained, but also ensures they’ll learn, as well. In fact, if you click on the […]


Notebook Ninja: a Wicked Five Star Throwing Universal App

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Notebook Ninja Video App Review   Notebook Ninja, by the deliciously named developer Proton Reactor, offers truly original gameplay for both the iPhone and iPad. The game is a bit short (even with the additional five levels introduced by the latest update) but if you’re looking for a real up-and-comer […]


New Sokoban: Out With the Old, in With New Brain-Busting

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: New Sokoban Video App Review   New Sokoban iPhone app, which has been carefully crafted by developer Toni Sala, offers a fresh breath of Sokoban gameplay on the iPhone. Each of its fifty levels are brilliantly designed to tease your brain and relax your spirit. If you’re looking for the […]


Plane Rush, Head Rush: What’s the Difference, Really?

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: Plane Rush Video App Review   If you’re willing to overlook the fact that any pilot could be so negligent as to fly through a cave, Plane Rush, by developer JTM Mobile, offers a rush of difficult but entertaining gameplay that will have you bouncing off the walls—literally. How Does it […]

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