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BloomDots: My God, It’s Full of Stars (and Explosions)

Tweet Price: $ .99 Rating: BloomDots iPhone Video App Review BloomDots, by developer Glass Puppy, is a throwback to the Ye Olden Days of arcade gaming, combining the best elements of Missile Command and Breakout to create a wholly new and inventive game. The iPhone app is an absolute steal, featuring a killer price, rich […]


Urban Krav Maga: When You Just Need to Take a Brother Out

Tweet Price: $4.99 Rating: Urban Krav Maga iPhone Video App Review We’ve all been there: It’s late at night, you’ve had too much to drink and so has everyone else. You crack a bad joke, and next thing you know, there’s a two-hundred and fifty pound man barreling towards you with a glass bottle. However, […]


i.Protect the Security Bag: Papa’s Got a Brand New (Locked-Down) Bag

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: i.Protect – The Security Bag iPhone Video App Review i.Protect – The Security Bag, by developer Jan-Niklas Freundt, is a brilliant and cheap way to manage passwords, photos, links, and other sensitive data. The app’s excellent presentation, stellar pricing, and hard-core protection make it an absolute cure for the iPhone paranoia […]


ABC Baby Animals Introduces Your Child to the Alphabet One Charming Image at a Time

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: ABC Baby Animals iPhone Video App Review ABC Baby Animals is an excellent addition to early-childhood education for iOS. The iPhone app offers sound, and engaging interaction with your child, and will certainly further your little one’s language acquisition. The app has its hijinx, but at a dollar in the AppStore, […]


My Clinic Gives You a Healthy Dose of Fun and Challenge

Tweet Price: Free Rating: My Clinic iPad Video App Review I had the pleasure of exploring My Clinic, a fun and immersible new game by  Game Insight, LLC, the developers who brought us Paradise Island HD. If you have ever dreamed of running your very own  medical center, with cleavage bearing nurses, demanding patients, a […]


The Caribbean is Closer Than You Think – Look in the Palm of Your Hand

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Bluewaterpages: Caribbean Yellow Pages iPhone Video App Review   After performing this iPhone app review, I felt that if Captain Jack Sparrow ever ventured onto the United Sates’ mainland (and had an iPhone), he would be using this iPhone app.  With Bluewaterpages: Caribbean Yellow Pages, you discover little jewels of the Caribbean […]

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