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The One Is A “Set It and Forget It” Dating App for iPhone

Tweet Price: $2.99 Rating: The One iPhone App Review by The One, developed by Alan Riley, is a breakthrough app that is deceivingly simple yet puts a unique spin on finding the perfect date, and stands out in a very populated area of the App Store. Concept and Functionality: Whether you’ve looked at dating apps […]


4talk IM for iPhone Lets You Connect with Friends for Free

Tweet Price: Free Rating: 4talk IM iPhone App Review by 4talk IM, developed by 4talk Global Inc., is a free cloud-based iPhone app that lets you chat with friends who are also using the service. 4talk IM is well designed and includes many useful features that enhance the chatting experience, such as conversation syncing […]


Test Your Accuracy with Fruit-Slinger

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Fruit-Slinger iPhone Game Review by Looking for an innovative game that’ll keep you coming back for more? Fruit-Slinger by Exalt LLC is a full serving of fruit-flinging-fun. Features: Fruit-Slinger is a new game developed by Exalt LLC that involves slinging fruit at targets. It sounds simple enough, but with the […]


Dead Giveaway: Trivia That Won’t Bore You to Death (We Promise)

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Dead Giveaway iPhone Game Review by We’ve mentioned it here on the blog many times, but our love for trivia games absolutely knows no bounds. We cannot get enough general knowledge quizzing, and if there’s an application that can deliver that scratch for our permanent itch, we’re hot to review […]


PromptSmart: Providing Speech-Giving Confidence Everywhere

Tweet Price: $9.99 Rating: PromptSmart – The Smartest Teleprompter for the Easiest Public Speaking Experience iPhone App Review by It is never easy to give a speech to a large group of people. It’s even harder to give a televised—or otherwise broadcasted—performance. If you’re not a professional with nerves of steel, you’re likely looking […]


Cargo Bridge 2: Building Bridges (More Fun than Burning Them)

Tweet Price: $2.99 Rating: Cargo Bridge 2 iPhone Game Review by We’ve spoken before here on the site about our absolute adoration and appreciation for the puzzling genre. There’s just something about an app that forces itself into our brains, making us mull on it for hours before we crack the code. We love […]

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