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DataDiary Lets You See The Inner Workings Of Your iPhone, Without Taking It Apart

Tweet Price: Free Rating: DataDiary iPhone App Review by If you’ve ever gotten a gargantuan bill from AT&T, or had an AppleCare representative tell you that, “you’re a heavy data iPhone user” it may be time to get to the bottom of the mystery and download DataDiary, from Informate. DataDiary is an extremely simple […]


LensTutorial: Bring Your Camera Skills to a Whole New Level

Tweet Price: Free Rating: LensTutorial iPhone App Review by Every now and again, we have a really good specialty application slapped on our desk. We love these kinds of small utilities, the ones that are designed to be insanely useful to a handful of dedicated users. With that in mind, if you’re a photographer […]


pCloud: Personal Clouds and Storage Made Easy

Tweet Price: Free Rating: pCloud iPhone App Review by Over the years we’ve used more than our fair share of personal storage and file sharing applications. We’ve tried those that stream your media, those that store it in the cloud, and those that do . . . well, something not quite either. Today, we’re […]


Airlike: Share Photos Easily, and with Finesse

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Airlike: the easiest and fastest way to share user content. iPhone App Review by We’ve been using photo sharing applications on the iPhone since . . . well, since the iPhone first came out. It’s part of the trade, when you spend a large chunk of your time reviewing applications, […]


NexusApp: The Organization Hub of your Life

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: NexusApp iPhone App Review by One of the greatest things about the iPhone is its potential to keep us all organized and productive. If you don’t believe us, think back to a time when you were using just a Palm or a simple Blackberry. Sure, we got stuff done, but […]


One Touch Dial: Dial It Up Using the Grid

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: One Touch Dial – speed dial call your favorite contacts and quick photo dialer for social networks iPhone App Review by Over the years, we’ve seen more than a few easy dialing solutions for the iPhone. Some have been really quite good, and others have been poorly designed entries with […]

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