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Brighten up your day with Darkness

TweetPrice: $1.99    Score: 8/10    by Steve Greenhalgh First things first, Darkness from Bjango is not some daemon or vampire game. Darkness is a simple, but useful application that tells you the sunrise and sunset times as well as the “moonrise” and “moonset” times and the current moon phase in addition to a whole raft of […]


Tip Calculator Makes Splitting the Bill Easy

TweetPrice: $0.99    Score: 9/10   By Shaun Campbell Splitting a bill in half is easy. But what if you have a group of seven people all ordering different meals and multiple drinks? I can tell you from experience – it gets real messy, real quick. Tip Calculator from developer Raizlabs is a handy little app that […]


Sound Grenade Kills The Party

TweetWritten iPhone App Review Price: Free    Score: 6/10    By Shaun Campbell What IS that annoying noise?!? Is it coming from your iPhone?!? Yes, yes it is. It’s Sound Grenade – an app that produces a very loud, very irritating noise. It’s like a dog-whistle – but for people. Sound Grenade’s developer, High Gloss, states that […]


iHandy Level is Handy Indeed

TweetWritten iPhone App Review Price: Free    Score: 7/10    By Shaun Campbell Little bit to the left…no no, little bit to the right…nah, back to the left. Sound familiar? Hanging a painting has never been an exact science. For most people, it usually involves a bit of trial and error. Now there’s an iPhone app from […]


Remind Me Why This Costs $1.99

TweetWritten iPhone Utility App Review Price: $1.99    Score: 5/10    by Shaun Campbell Remind Me is a note creation app for the iPhone from developer Smudge Apps. Remind Me lets you create pretty little notes which save to your photos folder so you can use them as a wallpaper. Remind Me features six different backgrounds and […]


Easy Clock Steals the Night

TweetWritten iPhone Alarm Clock App Review Price: Free    Score: 7/10    by Daljeet Singh The iPhone basically replaces most of the gadgets in your house. But the great thing about it is that better versions of what you’ve already got just keep appearing! And here’s the prime example: Easy Clock from developer Rock iPhone will be […]

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