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Press Release: Theta Software Lab Updates ccPing for iPhone, a Free App Providing Highly Secure Text Messaging

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  May 16, 2014 – Singapore – Theta Software has updated their secure instant messaging service for iPhone.  ccPing.  It is ideal for anyone who would like a secure controlled environment in which to send and receive text messages. ccPing incorporates a number of features that allow users to protect messages that […]


How to Speed Up Your iPhone – 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

Tweet We’ve all been there: You’re having a great time with your new, flashy iPhone. Everything is peaches and sunshine until, one day, you start to notice some slowdown. Then, that slowdown becomes unbearable. And before long, you feel like you don’t even know your mobile friend anymore. But don’t fret! We’ve got five ways […]


5 Free Apps to Make Online Learning Easier

Tweet Pursuing a degree online may mean never having to step foot inside a classroom. But the key to success remains the same as a student taking the traditional route — hours dedicated to studying and completing the coursework. For online students whose achievements rest so heavily on reliable Internet access, it’s crucial to have […]


Top Rated Games Reviewed in June

TweetWe get to look at quite a few apps over the course of a month and we thought it would be helpful to point you to June’s top rated games for the iphone and ipad. These apps stand out from the crowd and deliver exceptional value, gameplay and user experience, as determined by our staff […]


The Top 5 Role Playing Games for Your iOS Device

TweetThe mobile gaming industry is huge, predicted to hit $8 billion this year, Reuters reports. While a vast majority of the mobile gaming market is focused on casual games, you can download games with plenty of sophisticated role playing themes, as well. Revived Media reports 2.5 million monthly users play role playing games. This genre […]


I Spy With Lola HD FREE – Take Your Kids on a Cool Adventure!

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: I Spy With Lola HD FREE: Written iPad App Review I Spy With Lola HD FREE is a game for the iPad. The point of the game is to give your children an age-appropriate iPad app for them to interact with. The game has a unique storyline that will delight your […]

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