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Roamz: Use Social Networking To Find Something to Do

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Roamz: Written iPhone App Review It’s amazing how much we learn about the environment around us via technology. No longer do we ask friends what the best coffee house in town is, because a quick search on the latest popular app shows us more information than we could ask for. What […]


Travel Voice Translator – Ultimate Voice Translating App

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Travel Voice Translator: Written iPhone App Review Travel Voice Translator is an application available for the iPhone and iPod touch. The purpose of Travel Voice Translator is to help you speak and understand foreign languages with ease. The app has a variety of interesting features and a great design to help […]


Simple FX – Travel Currency Converter: Currency Converter for 80+ Countries

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: Simple FX – Travel Currency Converter: Written iPhone App Review Simple FX – Travel Currency Converter is an application available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Simple FX is an intuitive tool that is a easy to use currency converter. It is a simple, on-the-go tool mainly for travelers, but anyone […]


Let Your Opinions Soar with FlyNRate

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: FlyNRate: Written iPhone App Review FlyNRate by LSW Technologies is an iOS app for both the iPhone and iPad that was designed to help consumers quickly communicate their flight experiences with other flyers and actual airline companies alike. The general idea of FlyNRate is that an improved system for providing customer […]


TripSuite: Trip Planning Made Bloody Comprehensive

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: TripSuite: Written iPhone App Review We like to travel, and in fact, we make a point to do just about as much of it as we possibly can. With this in mind, we’ve used a fair number of travel apps during the years to help us out. However, we have yet […]


Get Organized with SpotMe Payments

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: SpotMe Payments: Written iPhone Finance App Review Have you ever been conflicted about splitting the bill? Trying to save down the the last penny? Then SpotMe Payments from Boomerang Digital Inc. may be the app for you. The whole goal of SpotMe is to help reduce hassle and help you keep […]

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