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Turbcast Informs and Calms Anxious Air Travelers

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: Turbcast iPhone App Review by If you have to get somewhere in a relatively short period of time, flying is usually the way to go. However, it’s not everyone’s favorite method of travel, and usually one of the fears travelers experience is turbulence. While modern commercial aircraft are build to withstand […]


Always Stay Connected with Hotel My Phone

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Hotel my Phone – Phone Share with Friends iPhone App Review by Hotel My Phone, by pplconnect Inc., is an innovative app that helps to make sharing a phone with a friend a more practical feat. Specifically speaking, users can call and message friends through their own phone number but […]


Share Your Adventures Through ShutterBee

Tweet Price: Free Rating: ShutterBee – Travel Photo Sharing, Chat & Check In iPhone App Review by ShutterBee, from Auslogics, is the perfect app for any adventurer traveling around who wants to keep friends and family in the loop. Available for free through the iTunes Store, ShutterBee provides iOS users with a convenient way […]


No Internet Connection? No Problem with MAPS.ME

Tweet Price: Free Rating: MAPS.ME – Offline Map with City Guides, POI, Metro, Driving Route and Travel Directions in One App iPad App Review by MAPS.ME, from MY.COM, is definitely a must-have app if you travel on a regular basis or have any travel plans in your future. MAPS.ME is the mapping app that […]


Pseudo Lingo Is an Entertaining Speech App for iPhone

Tweet Price: $0.99 Rating: Pseudo Lingo iPhone App Review by Pseudo Lingo, developed by Michela Bortolas, is a unique and fun way to have some laughs with your friends or even with foreigners here or abroad. The developers are clear that this isn’t meant to be used as a translation tool, rather it’s an entertaining […]


Never Miss Your Bus or Subway Stop Again with iSlept

Tweet Price: $0.99 Rating: iSlept iPhone App Review by iSlept is a great app for anyone who travels at the mercy of public transportation. Developed by Hadidane IT-Engineering, iSlept helps to make sure you never miss your stop again because you happened to fall asleep. Concept and Functionality: We’ve all been there. You stayed up […]

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