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Get Organized with SpotMe Payments

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: SpotMe Payments: Written iPhone Finance App Review Have you ever been conflicted about splitting the bill? Trying to save down the the last penny? Then SpotMe Payments from Boomerang Digital Inc. may be the app for you. The whole goal of SpotMe is to help reduce hassle and help you keep […]


Roadster: Mileage Tracking Made Easy

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Roadster: Video iPhone App Review The new Roadster iPhone app from IOTA helps drivers easily track mileage with ready-made categories and more in one simple app that won’t drain your battery.   Roadster iPhone app requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite […]


VZ Navigator: a Feature-Packed Navigation App from Verizon

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: VZ Navigator: Written iPhone App Review An iPhone can be many things: a notepad, planner, social media device, and sometimes even an actual phone. One of the things I use my phone most for, however, is navigation, which is why I’m always eager to try a new GPS app. VZ Navigator, […]


Krrb: Local, Local and Then Local Again

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Krrb: Written and Video iPhone App Review Over the years, we have used just about every popular selling service to get rid of used electronics, old furniture and a wealth of other items we simply didn’t have space for anymore. Out of all of these, we’ve found ourselves wishing and hoping […]


Find the Perfect Cuppa Joe with New York: Coffee Guide

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: New York: Coffee Guide: Written iPhone App Review I’m thoroughly convinced that the reason why New York City is known as “The City that Never Sleeps” is because there are way too many coffee shops. A person can easily be overwhelmed, which is why sometimes a helpful app is just as […]


Pashadelic: a Cool Scenic Photo Sharing App with a Twist

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Pashadelic: Written iPhone App Review I absolutely love taking photos with my iPhone because it’s something I always have with me. What’s better than taking an awesome photo you otherwise would’ve missed? Sharing it with the rest of the world, of course! Pashadelic is a cool new app and website that focuses […]

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